A garden for butterflies.

When it comes to growing in my garden wherever I have lived, its always been something I’ve had an interest in. Ever since I was a little girl, I would love to see how my Dad tended to his garden (and how he still does), building his bird avery, pond, and making sure there was a place for each plant. Its also something that has stayed with me in more ways than one as I now tend to my own garden, but with this I have those fond memories of growing our own and listening to the stories of when my Dad used to watch his ‘green fingered’ Nan adored and took pride in keeping her garden at a high standard.When we moved to our home last April, the garden was in such a state. This came as a shock to the system as at our previous home we cared for our small sized garden including growing our own herbs and strawberries along with lots of flowers and even our tiny apple tree that grew precisely two apples. We’ve started from scratch once again, which does seem lots of work at times but it’s nice to see that it would be a project in itself to create a space which could represent the seasonal changes and all that comes with it.

I’ve recently written about our sunflowers we’re growing, and how this is something I also did as a little one but I am now doing with my own small children. This is the second time as a Mama that I’ve attempted to grow our own sunflowers and so far so good. We’re hoping they are going to make a nice contribution to our garden fit for butterflies.When the lovely people at B&Q got in touch I knew they would have an interesting project lined up seeing as I worked with them last year making our own bird box to encourage more birds into our garden and around Christmas time talking about our decor and choice of tree. B&Q are in partnership with the wildlife butterfly conservation charity to help their customers become more knowledgable of how to help the butterflies and other pollinators.

They have mentioned that “Butterflies are important indicators of the health of the environment. By helping them, gardeners can help create a better home for wildlife, especially beneficial insects such as bees that play a vital role in pollinating wildflowers and many crops.”

With this they are encouraging people to create butterfly friendly gardens and this is exactly what we’ve done by using the suggested pollinator-friendly plants then throughout the year we will be keeping a count of the butterflies who visit our garden by doing the butterfly bingo survey. I knew right away that this would be a great opportunity for us to do as a family and especially as our bigger girls are forever searching for butterflies in the garden, creating little perfumes with different smelling flowers and trying out the delicious herbs.

Lavender has got to be one of my favourite smells, and I also love it for the therapeutic factors. Wherever I have a garden, there will forever be lavender blowing gracefully.
Part of this project included us being sent a box of caterpillars to look after & watch them grow into butterflies ready to be set free. This has been a wonderful to watch and show our little ones, the bigger girls have been learning about ‘life cycles’ at nursery & school so the project has fitted in just in time! I’ll be updating on this very soon including an amazing video clip of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis which i’m still so chuffed about capturing!
Future garden projects include:
Continuing to grow this years sunflowers.
 Plant pot painting – (We’ve done this once before and is always a great activity to do with little ones in the Spring or Summer.)
Creating a GYO patch.
Brightening up the childrens playhouse.
A mud kitchen & fairy garden.
Do you GYO? Why not have a go at creating your own butterfly friendly garden using this tutorial. You can also check out some plant ideas from this Pinterest board. 
I’ll be posting soon about our little butterflies, how we’ve found the growing process and the day we set them free. This will also include the butterfly count in our garden this year.

This post is sponsored by B&Q. All images, thoughts and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.


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