Joules meets TotsBots Easy-fit Star.

When expecting our first baby, I didn’t even know reusable nappies existed to be honest, I was just about getting my head about the idea of breastfeeding a baby which was completely new to me, but when our second baby was about 6 months old I thought about giving them a go as it was a way to save money, they’re  better for the environment, & are much more comfortable for little ones skin not to mention being available in an array of lovely prints.
After I searched around for some, then gaining knowledge about them I was soon into the swing of things – only part time though. For us, we found using disposables outside of the house a lot easier to handle considering we have more than one child, and I am out & about most days with school runs or trips to the park etc. When it was just the two girls, it was a bit easier, we didn’t actually try them out until our second daughter was over a year old  (more regular and predictable nappy changes) until she basically self-taught herself to be toilet trained within a few weeks before her second birthday – day & night. I found that using them actually helped with the transition to potty training. Rather than using pull ups, we tried the reusables out now & again always being impressed with the comfort they brought to our children.
The disposable liners that you can purchase to go with your Totsbots nappies are great for efficiently getting rid of poop and the nappies themselves also wash very well given the correct washing instructions. I love the fact that you can get so many fantastic prints to choose from, that are also fitted with adjustable poppers to meet your baby’s sizing. The only thing I would say is that with a younger baby, that is breast-fed, the poop situations can be made a bit harder if very runny, and with the unpredictability of them more so I do sway towards the disposable nappies if this is more the case.
Recently I was contacted about getting involved in this exciting unveiling of these products, I just couldn’t resist. I found it refreshing to contribute to the promoting of home-grown businesses like TotsBots which started with a unique idea from a fellow Mama to four little ones which has flourished to what it is today, and now including collaborations with the likes of Joules.
We are also big fans of Joules clothing, our little ones have a great selection of the stylish items from them and we just love the fun, bright colours combined with well design products. With this in mind and the knowledge of how good the clothing is designed I imagined the bright colours, fantastic prints to be incorporated into the wonderful TotsBots range and I wasn’t disappointed.
Just check out this gorgeous design below named ‘Annabella floral’
We will definitely continue to use a combination of reusables and disposables, I can assure you that TotsBots will be one of the brands we will still use along with another great brand we’ve been trying out. Just to point out, the disposables we use have always been a mix of Pampers, Asda and now recently Aldi. For us though while we continue to try the reusables, to do our small bit for the environment, trying to save money, we will also use the convenience of the disposables when its needed (massive korma leaky poops on the school run!)
Sibling love.
I can’t resist baby toes.
This exclusive design is available in the TotsBots Easyfit star design along with another fabulous print which has a wonderful farm theme to it. They retail at £17.99 and are really worth the price as they are definitely built with comfort in mind as well as brilliant fabrics and designs to please the eye.
Please do check out some of the other Mamas who are trying out these fab nappies. you can find them via the #JoulesxTotsBots hashtag on twitter.

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, images and content are my own.


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