Safe in the sun as a family.

Staying safe in the sun is something completely paramount for us, especially since becoming parents back in 2010. Fast forward five and a half years and we have four little ones to keep a watch on making sure the sun cream is applied regularly, sun hats are on, sensible amounts of hydration available, and having some kind of cover up or shaded area.I find that it’s not always the days when the sun is beaming, its the ones you think the rays aren’t out in full force is when it can catch you un aware, so applying cream everyday really is the best bet.

When we do have day trips to the seaside, we usually take a pop up tent to make sure of a shaded place to go, considering we do have four very small children but this may even come with us to the local park if there aren’t any shaded spots about. We find involving the littles in on the process always helps too, helping each other doing the sun cream application, talking about the reasons why we apply it, and the importance of keeping cool and hydrated too. It’s an everyday importance but more so on big days out where shade can be limited if walking about/ or on a seaside trip.

It has also been incorporated into our morning school runs the past few weeks, but as summer holidays are officially here now we will still carry on that process due to lots of time in the garden, on walks or beach trips.

Making sure the littles have sensible sun hats is a key factor too, we were very kindly sent these hats from Jojo Maman Bebe recently along with some wonderful cotton rich towelling pull on’s with a kangaroo style pocket. The girls followed their rainbow obsession and chose that print, & Phoenix the dinosaur one. The quality of these are brilliant, especially the softness of the robes, practical and comfortable not to mention the wonderful colours and styles. They have particularly loved having hoods and really found them useful at the beach as it not only shaded them when the sun made an appearance, it also kept them warm when it started drizzling!
Littlest lady keeping safe in her new hat.

I love these floppy sun hats for the girls, they have a built in 50UPF element (98% effective at blocking UVA rays) . The two bigger girls chose their own print, Yvie-Mae chose the ‘Navy-dot’, Halle the ‘Ditsy floral’ & for baby girl we got the ‘strawberry primrose’.

So our top tips for keeping safe are:
– Applying plenty of sun cream all over and not forgetting the neck & ear area, we like factor 50.
– Wearing hats with great coverage.
– keeping hydrated throughout the day, plenty of water all round, plenty of feeds for baby & why not have a go at making some healthy fruit lollies to keep the little ones cool?
-When playing in the garden, we mostly try and play in the morning or later afternoon when its cooled down, especially as our garden is such a sun trap.
– Incorporating the importance of sun safety into the family routine.

Do you get the littles involved in sun care?

*Thank you to JoJo Maman Bebe. All images and opinions are my own.
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