Our family in July 2016

July has been a big & busy month for us as a family.
Lots of changes have happened in the everyday events with our little ones growing and developing lots, we’ve attended a few family parties which were fab – the kids are definitely party-goers!, the summer holidays have started,  Mr T taking the plunge and starting his own business which is going really well so far.
We’ve had times where we’ve questioned our family dynamics, striving to make sense of the word balance which can be incredibly hard at times with four littles ages 5,4,2 and 15 weeks. Sometimes we are literally collapsing on the sofa each evening at about 10pm where we’ve not stopped, and just slump into a snoozed state and then I’ll be up again doing the night feeds, and Mr T will settle bed invaders. Then sometimes we sit down when the kids have gone to bed earlier without challenges, and really talk about how far we’ve come together as a family, how we’re so incredibly lucky and that also we do need to work on things (hello organising the playroom, better meal planning strategy, decluttering the shite out the house etc.)
Many people say what a great team we are, and ask “How we manage with four”. It’s something that is our norm now and we are so proud. I mean with each new child thats come along, it’s brought struggles but we’ve equally embraced it. With everything there comes challenges, and even though in a moment of sheer impatience or exhaustion, we still realise that these are ‘the golden years’ and they’re flying by way to fast. Amongst the tiredness, the refusal of any food at all, the super whopper tantrums, or attitude, it comes back ten-fold in a blossom flurry of love, warm hugs, sweet kisses, infectious giggles, witty jokes, bedtime stories and memories made. The good and the bad (well, the challenging) shapes who we are so I think we need to be thankful for both elements when it comes to parenting.
So this month I :
Have been planning lots for my blog/& photography work.
Enjoyed our family bike ride & picnic.
Have been rather fed-up with my wardrobe options!
Have been feeling a little lost at times.
Also wondering lots about one day moving to the coast.
Has been busy with his new business.
Enjoyed our day at the beach.
Getting more DIY done around the house.
Loving using one of Mummy’s old cameras to practice.
Enjoyed our beach day.
Has been giving out lots of hugs.
Loves staying up a little later as its summer holidays.
Loves the truck in the garden.
Enjoyed a day at the beach.
Has been making brushing Mummys hair a three times a day thing. (so relaxing!)
Still loves The Ninja Turtles.
Loves to sing and dance to One Direction’s ‘History’.
Had spells of whopper tantrums.
Protects his baby sister and so happy that “she likes him”.
Loves having the truck in the garden!
Showing signs of teething by chewing lots.
Sleeping quite well.
Has been wearing a mixture of disposable and reusable nappies.
Sucking her fingers lots.
Grabbing lots of toys (and the girls hair when they get too close!)
Getting lighter hair.
We’ve been enjoying warm evenings in the garden.
These photos were taken from our little bike ride (and bike trailer!) including a picnic, and just an overall lovely simple, fun day.


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5 Discussion to this post

  1. What stunning photos you take with your beautiful beauties. You do make it sounds so easy with four and blogging and photography. I don't know how you do it all babes so perfectly all the time. I need a page from your book and I only have two little snappers to care for and I am always overwhelmed with to do lists. lol You must have a secret hidden weapon. The kiddos are growing up so fast. Love the bike photos they are stunning. 🙂 We always say we should get one of those trailers they look amazing for days out biking. #meandmineproject

  2. Aww, they're gorgeous photos, and it makes perfect sense to me – people ask me how I manage with three but it's just normal to me, and to you looking back it probably seems like a piece of cake!

  3. Mary Smith says:

    You have such a gorgeous family Natalie and I know what you are saying about how challenging it can be but equally rewarding and just the lovely life that has been chosen 🙂 Hope the business goes well and you enjoy some great adventures this summer x

  4. Such beautiful photos of you and your brood Natalie. The light in that first one is gorgeous and you all look so happily relaxed together. And I love the bike ride ones too, not least because they are so bright and colourful. Such a beautiful family. x

  5. Clarina S says:

    Absolutely beautiful Natalie! I love the whole big family idea… A little brood growing up together. And I'll admit s truck in the garden does sound like a lot of fun!! We're all about the decluttering here too! Gah!

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