Our littlest lady, her name is…

It’s been 16 weeks since we welcomed our fourth little one into the world. Since then life has been so busy beyond measure, with school runs, appointments, the run up to Summer holidays, and all the bits in between. This has left me very little time to do my blogging and to keep up to date with all the things I had planned too.
It’s also made me realise that I haven’t actually introduce our littlest lady on my blog yet. Its something thats always a topic on bloggers pages, to share their names or not? I believe its a personal choice, and for me its something I like to mention as they are the reason I started this blog in the first place, its a lot about our life together and we absolutely love the names we’ve given them. I believe as long as it’s done carefully, sharing names is a beautiful thing, we obviously never share surnames or anything.
So on to choosing our littlest lady’s name. It was a tricky week as in all honesty, we thought she was going to be a boy. We had surprises with all of our babies, but for some reason we assumed she would be a boy. We’ve always gone for the more unusual names, and this time was no different. We are also fans of gender-neutral names too, we really loved Rudi for both this time but changed our minds last minute. (Phoenix was going to be our little boys name even if he came out a girl.) For each of our little ones, I have kept our name considerations in a little book, so its nice to look back on, and see how much our minds changed over the years. This time though was harder as she is our last baby (95% sure… I have to leave a little percentage in there as i’m still so in denial! sob!) Everyone kept asking, and asking, suggesting and suggesting but it was something we couldn’t rush into. We kept looking over names in our trusty name book, and only two caught our eye.
Nico or Elodie.
So we were using less of the “baby”/”baby girl” and trying out those two names for a day or so then we asked the kids what they thought, how they said it (completely adorable) and we had our answer. We looked at our lovely new addition and it did suit her. Either of the names would have and are both beautiful in their own right but this one just sounded like her if that was even possible that early on. I believe this to some extent though as Halle was planned to be something completely different until she was cradled in my arms and I declared that she was definitely not that name and was a Halle, she looked just like one. Isn’t it funny how children suit names, and grow into them, building characters around them, fascinating to me. Still though, I wanted to change my name to Claire when I was little and threw a right sulk about it but at 27 years old I think i’m okay with my name now, ha.
We decided to have an accent at the beginning of her name too & then went on to choose her middle name. She was born on the same day as her Great-Great Nan, so we decided to have her name as the middle choice, and together they sounded beautiful. It also fits in very well with the two older girls middle names as they’re both quite peaceful sounding too.
So we are very happy to announce our fourth little one into our tribe.
Her sparkling blue eyes, her curly long eyelashes, her happy contented nature, her lovely little voice, her gorgeous smiley face, her chunky thighs and rolls on arms. The snuggles she gives us, the smell of her fluffy little head, and how she’s brightened up our world something fierce.

Our little Élodie.

I’ll be doing a little update of her first four months very soon.
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Ah just look at those gorgeous eyes! Lovely name too xx

  2. lovely name for a lovely little girl! She is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  3. Jemma says:

    It's such an amazing name! We have an Elodie! Our 7 year old is our Elodie- it's a beautiful name! I've never met another one though so it's lovely to hear you've an Elodie too! She's such a beauty too, gorgeous photos! Xxx jemma@listoflovelythings

  4. Jess | Noraand.co says:

    What a gorgeous name, she suits it so much! Can you believe our babies are 16 weeks already?!

  5. Clarina S says:

    Such a pretty name for a beautiful little girl! I love hearing the story behind people's name choices… I find it absolutely fascinating. Re:a fifth child…. Go for it! Whyever not when they all come out that cute! Ps… Claire is a great name!! 😉

  6. Amber says:

    God she's gorgeous and her name suits her so much! I love hearing naming stories and should probably write one for the girls.

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