Our siblings in August 2016.

We’re well into the Summer holidays now and with a few days of them getting in each other’s face a little bit (maybe the excitement/switch of routine from finishing school and nursery?) they’re really having lots of fun being around each other again. They’ve spent a lot of the time in the garden making up games, playing sports days, keeping watch of our sunflowers and making sure they’re watered, and even enjoying toasting marshmallows on the bonfire with Daddy the other evening.
We’ve had moments of the middle two clashing as Halle likes to be “the mummy” and tell him what to do apparently but with all of them being very strong minded, this doesn’t sit well which can result in explosions! Which are then made up in good time thankfully, sometimes with guidance from Daddy or I. Overall I think it’s only natural and just part of being siblings to have some squabbles, but the most important thing is that they make up after any issue and for each little argument they make up for it in love and friendship ten fold. It’s a funny thing really as when it comes to playing, it’s mostly like there’s a trio of them as Elodie is usually feeding or napping or playing on her play mat and the three of them are off doing their own thing but then they’re always drawn back to her in doses throughout any game, always checking in to give a little peck on the cheek, or gooing conversation. I do wonder how the play dynamics will change once she’s more playful with them and the toys, it’s going to be eventful I’m sure! With each time I have hindsight on my side though! I’m sure it’s going to be mental at times but just as wonderful as it has been watching the three of them grow together.
The way they’ve been with Élodie really is just wonderful. In all honesty, before the birth I never doubted them for a minute but to see it in reality, it just makes me so proud of them all. They shower her with complete love and affection, always want to be holding, kissing or entertaining her and she loves nothing more than to watch them during their antics looking like she’s itching to get involved too. They’re always commenting on her “lovely podgy legs” or her smiley face and Yves has a new nickname for her which is “squishy”. Halle still loves to refer to her as her favourite cousin and Phoenix is just in awe of his baby sister who happens to “love him too”.
Our amazingly bonkers but utterly lovely tribe of four.
With an outtake for good measure. 😉
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  1. Oooh well done for getting such lovely photos of four kids in one shot! Sounds like you are all having a lovely summer so far and great that the kids are bonding so well with Elodie.

  2. Aww these are such lovely photos of your four- definitely ones to print and frame 🙂 I love the tone and style of your photos Nat- what settings do you use? It's very distinctive xx

  3. Thanks, I use all different settings in manual mode then slightly adjust in photoshop. nothing much though as I like them to stay natural x

  4. Oh what a gorgeous quartet you have, and the adoration of their baby is plain to see all around!!

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