Simple days with my favourite little people.

These summer holidays have been all about slowing down for us. As much as you possibly can with four littles aged 5,4,2, and 18 weeks but for us, the importance was to really try and live at a slower pace. Before the holidays, our usual Monday-Friday would include several car journeys on the nursery and school run everyday, having to keep to times and to be prepared with all that comes with getting the five of us out of the house early in the morning. 
Not only I have been craving the slower pace, I felt the kids had too. Since giving birth to Élodie in April this year its all been a bit hectic in all honesty. We have tried to enjoy this chapter in our lives as best we can but while on the gear up to the summer holidays, rounding up to-do lists and general parenting in those whirlwind newborn weeks has felt like its passed us by ever so quickly, definitely bittersweet when you’re trying to spend time with each child & trying to soak up all the snuggling our very last newborn. 
So these Summer holidays we’ve enjoyed a few days out strawberry picking, getting out & about, beach days but mostly we’ve spent time at home doing crafts, playing or in the garden. Another thing we’ve been enjoying is walks to our local parks together with the little two in their mountain buggy & the bigger girls on their scooters or pushing their babies in their prams.
Simple joys are really what its about when parenting four little ones aged 5 and under. Getting out the house can sometimes be a mammoth task & sometimes I wonder why I even contemplated starting it but when we leave, get walking or go somewhere simple it all seems to fall into place (mostly). Watching my littles take in the sights even if it is just to the shops, questioning why the clouds are forming shapes, picking flowers all around, keeping look out for crossing the road safely, climbing ever so high on the park equipment, going super fast on the zip wire – simple joys.
I can’t believe our little Élodie is already 18 weeks old too, I feel like i’m blinking and missing it! The rest of these summer holidays I’m going to continue spending time with my favourite little people, making memories, soaking up as much as possible, remembering the small stuff and forever feel so thankful that we have each other. Come September I’m going to have TWO school girls to drop off each morning, so thats playing on my mind a lot, denial mostly, pride on the other hand but definitely bittersweet feelings as I just want to preserve this whole chapter, I sound like a soppy mess right? They drive me bonkers on a daily basis, but I bloody wish they would stop growing up so fast. Childhood is sacred, so we’re going to do our best to make the most of it as a family. 

This has been a very rambly, random post which probably makes no sense but as I sit here at my desk thats gathering dust where it gets no action lately, and my sleeves stink of baby sick, I thought I’d write a little post despite the garbage punctuation, rambles and made up words. 
Do you like to get out with your kiddos, even if just for a walk?

How have you been spending your summer holidays?
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  1. Tanta says:

    What a beautiful collection of photos Natalie. You look beaming you are so beautiful, as are your gorgeous children. You are so right with everything you have said. It does go so fast, we love getting out too, loving the weather at the moment. xx

  2. Ah you have such a gorgeous family Natalie 🙂 We've been enjoying the slower mornings- even though mine are up really early most days, it's nice to sit and enjoy 2 cups of coffee, rather than necking one on the go before the school run! We've been doing a mixture of out and about- usually one big day to 2 more low key ones, and that's really worked for us. You're super woman having 4 age 5 and under to look after! x

  3. Clarina S says:

    Natalie… This is. SO my heartbeat! In a world which wants more, more, more… There is something so intensely satisfying about less – simplicity and quiet, space and solitude! THANKYOU for sharing!x

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