Our family in August 2016

As I type this we are in the last week of the summer holidays. To be honest as much as I feel like we need to have a little more structure back to our days I am really going to miss having my four at home with me. Having the flexibility to do as we please at our own pace, even though the morning wake up call has been between 5:30-6 everyday (plus night feeds for me!) I have enjoyed the slower pace of life, so have the kids – most of the time.
It has been tiring at times, as I’m the main parent at home when Mr T works it can all be very tiring some days especially when I’ve not been feeling too well at times but over all it has been nice to have no structure to stick to. Getting back into time scales will be a shock to the system for us all I think but I’m sure we’ll be back into the swing of things in no time. I have felt myself getting quite anxious as the end of the holidays is appearing as this time next week I will be kissing goodbye both my big girls at school. Our little Hallelujah is starting foundation, and Yves will be in Year one. I know they’re both so excited, as I am for them for not being scared or worried, its just something I feel a lot, the past almost six years my whole life has been dedicated to being a Mama, I want to know they’re safe, happy, and cared for, having the freedom to explore until their hearts content, and learning at their own pace. So when being put into a new routine of structure its enough to make any parent wonder. I know they’ll thrive, they’re forward for their ages, had great reports previously and the best thing is that this time they will have each other. I’m sure they will look after one another, especially on the big play ground. Halle is someone who has such a sass about her, confidence to talk to anyone of any age – even kids double her age to stick up for her baby brother when someone jumps the queue of the swing at the park telling them “I’ll tell your Mum, I know where she is and who she is”! Very protective, and our Yve’s has a heart of gold too who will want to know that her little sister is safe, so i’m sure that those two combined will be fine. (I’ll still be fighting back or wiping away tears at the classroom door though, its okay to wear sunglasses indoors in September right? lol)
Our photos this month are from an afternoon by the river in Goring. A place Mr T and I stumbled upon when I was expecting Yves back in 2010. A beautiful little place that has lovely riverside pubs and pretty houses. Since then we’ve been back there when she was about six months old and this weekend as a family of six. The weather was sunny one minute, then very dark the next, we sheltered under the bridge, the bigger girls chose an ice cream each while Mr T, Phoenix & I opted for cake and cup of tea. We watched the boats coming in and out the lock, and then sat and reminisced for a little while. I know it sounds so cliche, but time seems to be flying by so fast, I think it happens even more so the more children you have. Its such a funny mixture of comments we get when we’re out, some looks of shock, some wondering if we’re all siblings without parents, or the usual one is that its such a lovely thing us having four of them so close in age. I look at our little tribe and still have moments of disbelief that they’re all ours, I carried & birthed all four of these little people – our little family that we created.
Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming, tiring, and they can drive us bonkers some days but its always out weighed by the most important things. The simple things. Like watching them grow, bond together and with us, gazing at their sweet little faces, feeling them snuggled up in our arms knowing that they feel comfort from us, listening to their lovely inquisitive conversation, and knowing that they love us so much just as we do them.
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  1. Clarina S says:

    Just look at that gorgeous little brood! I bet you'd never have imagined that back in 2010! Oh… I totally hear you on th school starting stuff. We are in exactly the same position! Ava started year one last week, and Heidi starts Nursery on Tuesday. I'm sure I'm going to be a blubbering mess! I hate sending them off, and I still think I haven't quite let go of the homeschooling option! A sucker for punishment! Haha! Gorgeous pictures of you all, Natalie!

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