Our Siblings in September 2016

September came around in a flash right?
This month marks the time that our biggest girl starts year one, and our second big girl starts foundation. TWO of our four littles in primary school and I’m honestly in sheer denial. Its also the month our littlest lady turns five months old, and our little boy is continuing to dazzle us with his conversation and understanding of things at the tender age of two and a half. I could talk for ages about the whole starting school situation but that’s another post waiting, floating around in my brain until I can find the words to describe!
This month so far, the four of them have been playing a lot more as a whole unit as littlest lady has been getting more and more active (watching them in her walker waiting for toys to hand, or rolling around on her play mat – with them included!).
As the end of the summer holidays approached we did have moments of bickering but that’s only natural when age/personalities clash and just siblings in general right? The one thing that’s always been consistent though is how they will always make up, and also how much they’re loving on their baby sister. They are all so caring towards her and love to know she is happy, they love to lay beside her on the play mat, bring her toys, sing or talk to her and of course the big hugs, especially at bed time. Phoenix does this thing lately where he wipes her mouth with her bib if she’s dribbling, makes sure she’s got toys to hold and snuggles his face into hers, eskimo kisses and says “just one kiss Mummy?” with his one little finger pointing up gesturing just that. I never doubted he would be a wonderful big brother, but as theres a slightly bigger age gap between them than the big girls I wondered if it would be different some how, but it isn’t, he is just as loving and aware of her being here and that we need to be gentle around her head, her little hands and about putting things near her mouth. He does his own thing a lot more but always comes back to see her at the play mat, he just loves to know she’s okay.
The bigger girls have taken comfort in both going to school now, I think Yve’s is loving the ‘biggest sister’ element showing Halle the ropes etc. I look at them both walking into school & I can’t believe come this far already, it really does tug at my heart strings a lot, everyday.
It’s a funny thing that they’re all so close in age, but there’s still the age differences in between, Phoenix loves to join in with the big girls, but can sometimes get frustrated when he can’t do it as fast, or understand the board games they play. Then Élodie is getting much more active now but is still obviously limited as she is only small. We often say “the big girls”, “the bigger three”, “the little two”, “the baby” in conversation and then wonder how these labels go hand in hand as they’re all so close but also so far apart.I look at the four of them and i’m in amazement and still shock that I made them all, I carried them all and birthed them all. All of them in less than 6 years, so for those days when I feel like i’m failing at everything at least I can have this to remember everyday. They light up my life with such richness and I couldn’t be any prouder of them if I tried.

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