Splash! Water play ideas for little ones.

Something that’s always been a hit with our little ones is to create time in which they can play with explore different opportunities with water and more recently using a water table.

We were recently lucky to have been sent a cool water table from the people at Little Tikes. We set it up at their Grampy’s house and he said it was very easy to set up, we then filled it up with bubbles and warm water, then adding more using his water butt. It’s at a great height for little ones, Phoenix is two and a half and suits his height great, Yve’s and Halle were joining in just as much as they could either stand or sit and it will be perfect for when Élodie is standing too no doubt.

This table comes with different activities including a ball launder, and ferris wheel, a pouring towerand more. It also enables them to each have a section to play with or to help each other like Yves was with Phoenix when using the ball launcher. The bright colours of the table are pleasing on the eye too, something else you can incorporate into the play with toddlers by naming and familiarising with the different colours.

When you look on the Little Tikes website, you’ll see that theres a whole variety of slightly different themed water tables to choose from. This one is the ‘Spinning seas’, suitable from age 2 years+ and retails at £49.99.

Water tray ideas:

Create perfumes or magical potions adding leaves, bubbles, stones, petals, and even mud pies or brownies. The girls absolutely love this one, they usually add lots of mint and lavender from the plant area too which makes it smell half decent!

A vehicle washing station: Phoenix really enjoyed washing and splashing all of his vehicle collection, creating a little car wash on a smaller scale.

Baby bath station – The older girls loved doing this, we did make sure we didn’t use the babies that were made from fabric though as they take ages to dry even in the best of heat!

Using utensils, measuring jugs to mix, splash and pour.

Adding food colouring to reveal “magical mermaid pools”. We love this one, dunking the barbies into deep green water and bubbles was lots of fun!

Dinosaur splash! Little Phoenix is a little dinosaur (and ninja turtle) obsessed and he absolutely loves dunking them into the water, making them ‘swim’, and having a wash.

Play water fights! – Endless fun here!

I could think of so many more, and have seen some great inspiration about online, but heres a few we’ve tried and loved. Here’s some images of the Little Tikes water tray from the other week when Yve’s & Phoenix were enjoying the combination of water play and burying dinosaurs in the sand (with the help of water to make better castles too of course!)


This expression on her face cracks me up. It was captured mid-point of where she was very carefully transporting water into the sand tray where she could make better sand castles. the motion was so funny!


Someone loves the bikes this day instead 😉

This post was meant to go up over the summer but due to being poorly, it’s set me back but even though you’d think its more relevant to Spring & Summer months its also lots of fun during the Autumn and even winter. Splashing and creating mud pies with toy friends never grows old it seems!

*Disclosure – We were sent the Little Tikes water table for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and images are my own.

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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Kate Kirk says:

    Oh that looks like great fun. Some lovely ideas for alternative play too. I like the sound of the mermaid one with different colour pools

  2. My boys always play outside in Autumn, we do so much outdoors even when it's colder. There are so many great ideas here Nat, and the table looks fantastic. A great price for what you get, I love how they can play with things like this for so long and not get bored, so much fun for them! xx

  3. Oh wow Natalie they look like they are having the best time. My two love water play too. It is so fun for them isn't it. We have love little Tikes and have a few of their toys. They do some great bits especially their outdoor little tike cars! Your photos are just stunning as always! xx

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