All your little things.

A little snippet about our little lad lately…
My whirlwind of a dude is almost 2 years 8 months old at the end of this month and it seems to have come around so fast. I guess thats always the way when you have a new baby coming into the family but it really is overwhelming for me at times. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s my only boy but he seems to have grown the fastest and changed the most in the less amount of time. It really is so bittersweet and Something I find hard to come to terms with since being a Mama. That something is change. I love to see them grow, be healthy, happy and learn about the world, being themselves, but it all seems to be going to rapidly, onto next stages, chapters before I’ve managed to soak up the current one. My little boy is currently obsessed with teenage mutant ninja turtles, and will sit with his little figure collection and play so contentedly, he will then include the huge rubber dinosaurs Grampy got them all too and will just be in his own little magical world! He’s such a split personality at times and I love him so much for it, one minute he’s the calmest and most chilled out person, then he goes into complete 100mph chatterbox mode (this is usually from 6am) then had the power struggles or moments where he resembles a tiger going bonkers. This is usually triggered but the usual toy dispute, being tired (he gave up naps way before his 2nd birthday), or hungry (it’s such a challenge to get him to enjoy food most days, usually dinner time, he’s a snacker that’s for sure!) The tales of being two ay?
Something I have always loved as a Mama is when they walk right up to me, chuffed as anything with a bundle of hand picked flowers, dirt, leaves, ‘treasures’, you name it. Little things that they see as absolutely precious and they’re giving it to me, someone they love lots. It makes my heart all warm & fuzzy and it never grows old. I look at these photos of my little lad a few weeks ago over the Summer holidays and I remember it so clearly. He shouted after me, handed me these daisies from our lawn and said ” I like you Mum” in his sweet little chatty voice, counting them as he lay them into my palm. The look on his face is just so sweet. I just love it when I can really see how pleased he is to have handed something over that he found all by himself.
 These are the little things I never want to forget in my journey of Motherhood, My bigger girls still do this as well and I will welcome it for as long as they do. 
Simple acts of affection such as handing out little flowers from child to mama.
Those lovely long lashes, that little nose with little freckles appearing, that double fringe cowlick that has a mind of its own, this thoughtful gesture of a daisy – My beautiful little boy.
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  1. Oh he is such a little cutie – I can't believe how grown up he's looking!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Gorgeous pics Natalie and I agree those moments they find and bring little treasures are so lovely. x

  3. Beautiful photos. It's so important to treasure these moments xx

  4. He is looking so grown up Nat and his hair seems to have got so much darker? LL seems so grown up since her baby brother came along, sometimes I look at her and it takes my breath away. Such a gorgeous post, it is so important to treasure these moments. x

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