Our family in September 2016


It was the month where my biggest girl started year one, and my second biggest girl started foundation, both in the same school, classes next door to each other and my heart skipped a beat. This was also the month where my little boy has turned into my best friend again after being obsessed with Daddy for months, we’re kind of back to equal measures again now, but he’s been asking to sit next to me at dinner time which has been a nice surprise. Our littlest girl has been growing by the minute and has slowly been starting on some weaning which she is loving, we’ve completely followed her cues (that of grabbing our food, watching us eat with drool falling out of her mouth and getting so excited at meal times) i’m going to be writing up more about this soon as well, she has also been getting more mobile in the walker and loving interacting with her older siblings. On the whole September has been a nice month, a couple of difficult weeks lingered over from a hard August at times due to my health issues but I kind of feel we’ve been restoring a bit of balance and balance is always good when raising a family, I think so anyway.

I’m taking one day at a time, striving to seek joy in the simplest of things and also feeling thankful that Autumn is here with the added elements of sunshine on chilly days.


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