Elements of Élodie – The first six months.

  1. Happy half birthday to my little Didi.

I know it sounds cliche but I can’t believe that we’re here already. It seems so clear in my mind that I gave birth to you in the most beautiful and relaxed (but speedy) water birth. The weeks seemed to last a life time yet soon turned into months and here we are now. You are such a delightful little baby, and you just ooze happiness. Holding you close and feeling as you relax when with me, how you snuggle into my neck and go bashful when people chatter to you are some of the little things that I want to remember forever. Those along with so many more, including this little list i’ve been making since you were weeks old. Simple and ordinary things that I don’t want to forget. I am absolutely loving this stage we’re at right now, there was never going to be a feeling of if having a fourth baby would fit in, you do it so well, you’re the piece to our puzzle that seems to have been here before, I have said it since the moment you were born and you were wide awake taking everything in, gazing all around you as if you knew something, as if you had been here before, listening to our voices, moving around your arms so peacefully. Then that went on to how you started interacting with people, and still do now. You gurgle and coo as if you have all the answers, as if you can suss everyone out. Your sparkly blue eyes are so twinkly, your little button nose is the double of your big sister Halle’s, your hair is very similar to your biggest sister Yve’s and you’ve found a new best friend in your big brother. You’ve recently discovered a love of Daddy’s beard, twiddling it as you peacefully go off to sleep, dreaming in the land of nod, that is until you realise Mummy isn’t right next to you and you wake up for a feed, and again, and again some nights. You don’t cry, you just fidget something chronic and love to be close, to feel my cheek and to be next to you. Some nights you like to sleep in your bed too, but for now I think i’m embracing all the extra cuddles with my last littlest baby.

I feel so proud to watch you grow even if I wish time to slow down, I want to remember it all, treasure it all, forever and always.


Heres the list I made of all her little quirks and things I don’t want to forget about these first six months of having her around:

The first few weeks: I just can’t get enough of her soft sweet smelling skin, chubby cheeks that are so kissable. I knew she was going to be a little chunk from looking at her last scan photos, her cheeks were huge! Like her three older siblings she finds a lot of comfort when snuggled into Mama’s pink and brown polkadot fleece dressing gown, The thing I wore hours after giving birth to each of them. Her lovely long legs I could stroke for hours, soft fluffy hair down her back & arms just like her big sister Halle’s. She really is such a content little thing, and is so loved by her older siblings. Something I remember with all of my little ones is the way they do the funniest grunts when feeding as if to say ‘Thanks Mumma’. One of her Aunties gave her first bath at one week old, her skin was so fresh and un touched yet so clean before the bath anyway! Breastfeeding is a huge struggle as I have an open wound and intense pain 24/7, we’ll get through it together though. Her first outing in a pushchair was on the 26th April 2016, other than that she goes in the Liberty sling which she loves, and me as it makes things easier with four little ones, especially on school runs! At three weeks old she had her first little smile that wasn’t due to wind, it was in response to the sound of Mamas voice, so sweet! Her usual night feeding is around 9pm,12,3,6am give or take an hour. She doesn’t cry, just fidgets a lot and is settled back off to sleep pretty easily (most of the time, or she will just stare at me with big eyes that I can see only with the light from the moon creeping in from the curtains!)
Aged 7-9 weeks: – Our feeding journey is a lot better  and she is sleeping well most nights waking only once or twice.
12 weeks: She loves being in the water so much, maybe it’s being a water baby that contributes to this. Something thats so sweet is how Phoenix refers to Élodie feeding as “Élodie kissing your boobie Mummy?” or “Élodie biting your boobie Mummy?”. Feeding is now completely blissful and without any pain which is making so much difference in my stress levels as I can concentrate on enjoying these moments with her more now instead of dreading the pain every feed. I find it much more easier to feed her upstairs on our bed if she’s due a nap as she will just drift off and I don’t have to move her. She usually has around two naps a day but can get disturbed if having to move her on the school runs or just in & out of the car. Ever since birth she has been so strong, but over the weeks she’s definitely gaining so much strength and lifting her head lots and reacting to the noises of her older siblings.
14 weeks: Rolled onto back from tummy, She’s still loving the Snuzpod thats next to Mummy even though she ends up snuggled with us anyway. She’s also had her first couple of trips to one of our favourite places, Mudedford.
17 weeks: Hello sleep regression! She’s absolutely loving holding, grabbing and playing with toys and laying on the playmat. Something she’s got a little habit of is hold hands together like she’s praying when feeding and sucking on her thumb at the same time as feeding too!
18 weeks: Loving on grabbing faces lately, especially Mummy’s when feeding or when playing peek-a-boo. She has started to realise when i’m not in the room or when I leave the room without her in my arms. She will be sat on Daddy’s lap all happy and then will make the cutest noises as if she’s calling me back! She really is such a happy little baby, we keep talking about it all the time that she seems like she’s been here before and got it all sussed out. She is almost out of 3-6month clothing and already wearing some 6-9 month ones and will usually feed in the night 2/3 times between 9pm & 6. She recently had her vaccinations and this breaks my heart overtime, I think I cry more than the baby! but she was full of smiles after cuddles from us all and handled the aftermath okay despite having a slight temperature. She’s loving sitting on our bed, but finds it equally amusing when she flops to the side within about ten seconds.
21 – 23 weeks: Hello food! She’s had a little try on an apple recently, I think she was chewing it more than eating but she’s enjoyed trying out a biscotti in her highchair taking in all that surrounds her – usually crazy siblings! Something else she is loving is butter on toast, all three of her siblings loved this too. Cucumber has been a nice change, she first tried this while we were having lunch in a restaurant and it definitely kept her entertained! She is now chuffed to pieces that she can sit with assistance, even better when on harder ground but just needs to learn how to land gracefully. The interaction with her older siblings is the most beautiful thing to watch, she loves them all in her own little way it seems already. She’s now developed a love for playing with hair or Daddy’s beard, also just like big sister Halle. Its funny how siblings can be different but have similar things in common whether physical or in characteristics. I see this in all of them. Yves & Phoenix look more alike, and now Halle has a mini-me too! This cheeky little monkey keeps sitting up in her bouncer chair so I think the days are numbered for that now even though she does like to lay in it when she’s sleepy and watch the fishtank. She’s just overcome her first little cold, all bunged up and wow doesn’t t interfere with feeding – definitely more night wakings as she was just so sniffly, poor thing. (and poor Mummy’s eye-bags!)
24-26 weeks: Slowly chasing after her siblings in her walker is a new favourite, that and hanging out in the highchair with bread sticks or veg. She’s recently tried cheese & potato pie which she loved, also enjoying trying out the ‘My Little Piccolo’ Range that we’ve kindly been sent. We’ve moved her out of the beloved Snuzpod now (full review coming soon!) and she is now into the cot thats gone through all four of our babies. It’s crazy too as for some reason with the other three I never thought about taking one side off and attaching it to the bed in the same way the snuz does, I’m so sad that she’s making this transition from the snuzpod to cot but its basically the same format but on a bigger scale – still manages to be in our bed in the small hours though some nights. I’m not sure why we never thought of having one side off before with the others?! Only realised now with the fourth, typical! …This little lady finds her Daddy’s beard very comforting nowadays, especially when very sleepy or needing to drift back off to sleep from being woken up. She’s familiarising with so many people as well now and gets all giddy when being spoken to and tucks into mine or Daddy’s chin. Even though she’s always been a smiler and giggles, today on her six month day she let out the hugest laugh at mummy playing peekaboo while she had a top on her head playing either side like floppy ears, it was adorable and had us all laughing! She also has decided to give kisses, to Daddy in particular at the moment, so sweet! She is just such a delightful baby and yes i’m sad that she’s not tiny anymore and I keep having tears prickling my eyes, feeling a huge pang in my heart daily and for the fact that all this has also been so fleeting with my three other little ones too, but I’m excited and feel so happy that Im someone who gets to watch her grow.
How has it gone so fast? I’ve also found it so hard to choose photos as I have a million and love them all but here’s a little selection!
I love you to the moon & back….and more.
Mama x
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Aww she is adorable, and such a pretty name – do you pronounce it Eee-lodie because of the accent or is it just E-lodie the same as it would be without?

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      It’s Pronounced Eh-lo-dee. We wanted the accent too though. There’s a few ways in which it can be said but it’s definitely a lovely French name we couldn’t resist. It was either Élodie or Nico and we let the kiddies choose! .x

  2. She looks so adorable on that swing! Recording and remembering everything is something I so wish I’d have got for my two too. Will be lovely to read and stare as she grows up x

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      Definitely so. I’m creating hard copies of it all too with a kind of blog book, along with my photo books. So precious to me! X

  3. She’s absolutely beautiful Nat and I think she looks so much like her big brother. She sounds like a delightful little baby and reading your list reminded me a lot the traits our baby boy has. Somehow even though they are only a few days apart in age Elodie seems bigger somehow, more grown up. I don’t know why! W is still so little, not in size particularly, but he hasn’t had food yet, he hasn’t rolled, hasn’t sat up etc. I am so sad about him growing but like you am excited to see what is to come too. x

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      I know she seems to have grown so rapidly, so bittersweet. i can’t believe time has gone this fast! X

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