Siblings in October 2016

This month has see our little gang bonding more and more each day (along with the occasional squabble!) As the two bigger girls are at school now, I am seeing more and more how much the little two have a blossoming bond as well – with a different and less distracted set of eyes. As a foursome though they are so close, sometimes clash but love each other fiercely. They’ve been enjoying the last of the summery evenings and the signs of Autumn approaching, talking to each other about how when the leaves fall of the trees they can them call them ‘Bald heads’. Our school run journeys seem to be a lot more chilled these days with a more chilled out two year old who actually seems to enjoy the ride most of the time now – it’s still such an effort getting all five of us in the car though, sigh! So we’re very much looking forward to half term, more time to spend together as a whole and lots of time for playing and taking it easy, or living at a less schedule pace at least!
ourtribeoctober2016-4My three girls & my boy – What a lucky Mama.
ourtribeoctober2016Little Didi’s expression doesn’t change throughout the images bless her, sleepy but probably thinking how on earth the ended up in this bonkers tribe. đŸ˜‰
ourtribeoctober2016-2His face in this is Priceless, sums up his cheekiness!

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