Time together, Father & son. (Featuring Jord Watches.)

Since starting his own business about six months ago, Mr T has been able to have a bit more flexibility when it comes to working and spending time with our littles or our family as a whole. He works so hard to enable this balance and its definitely benefited our home so far. This past week, he has taken Phoenix swimming a couple of times after finishing work – this was very excitedly received by our little lad who absolutely idolises his Daddy. The older girls were at school, Élodie & I were at home for an hour or so before going to pick up the girls and I had some extra cuddles with her too. We usually go swimming as a family, we haven’t all been at the same time for a few months but its something we’re scheduling in as we all love it and its something we include as quality family time. These particular days though I think they both deserved that time together to be honest. As much as being at home with my little ones is full on, I know Mr T would give anything to be able to spend more time with them, so thats just what he did with Phoenix as he’s not at nursery yet. I had a little one to one with our littlest lady and those two got their quality time. I did feel guilty (as always) that the older girls were missing out as they love swimming too, but they both have lots of time with us after school or at the weekend where we all make up for it as a family, they also have after school activities on a couple of days so we thought it would be something special for Phoenix as he does a lot of school runs, in & out of car seats so he deserved it the most! Something we have been striving for is balance. Its an everyday challenge and always will be when we have four little ones so close in age. The one thing I’ve come to realise though is that one to one time is good all round, it can seem unfair in some ways but its great in so many more ways and I feel we all appreciate each other so much more when there’s balance.

I took these photos the other day when this pair were sharing a cuddle before bedtime. I love to watch them together, their bond is incredibly close and our little Phoenix is so lucky to have such an amazing role model to grow up with. The way his little eyes light up when he realises Daddy’s work van has arrived home, or when he bursts with excitement when Daddy acts like a Ninja Turtle with him, How he gets all giddy when he knows he’s going in Daddy’s van, especially to swimming is so sweet! …And the way his Daddy looks at him, and showers him with so much unconditional love. I hope that as life goes by they find this special time for each other as a bond with your children is enough to see you through anything. I feel so happy to know that our little Phoenix has someone to look up to, someone who is strong, loving, and brave. Equally, it’s a lovely feeling to know that his Daddy has him to have by his side throughout life too.
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This post features a wonderfully designed watch by Jord wood watches. This great company design for both men & women with such a authentically styled product. So when discussing the watches, I left the choice for Mr T as I thought this particular style would suit him so much, he searched through the fabulous collection, filtered down to the ‘Dover series’ in which he finalised his decision on the ‘Ebony & Copper’ design. What is really cool is that you can read more about the woods used with each style, their sustainability and origin etc. You can read all about the ‘Ebony’ wood here. If in doubt about taking care of your watch, its features, or specific details you can read that here too.daddyphoenixgardenfiveBefore delivery we were sent a digital ruler to print to ensure we ordered the correct sizing by asking for removal of a few links. daddyphoenixgardenfourUpon receiving the watch we were really pleased with the overall packaging. The watch comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box with the Jord Watches logo on it, then inside the watch is securely placed around a hessian pillow for extra protection. We were amazed at the unique, & elegant design that included a really cool non-battery operated automatic mechanism. Mr T was very impressed with the fresh & stylish design, the contrasting elements between the ebony black colouring to the genuine copper face. Its a piece that can add class to any outfit for any occasion, and is lighter than what you would expect too.jord2jord3jord
You can get this particular series in four colours, and retails for £227.
*Disclosure: We were sent this watch for the purpose of an honest review. All images, words and opinions are our own. Thank you so much to Jord Watches for creating such a stylish timeless piece.

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