6 months old, here’s what we love to do together.

I recently wrote how our littlest lady turned six months old, I thought I’d make a little post about what we’ve been enjoying lately as a way to remember all these little things as its so obvious how things fast are going already & I want to preserve these little moments as best I can. Our little Didi, a smiler, happy, and loving little gem.

Read: Even though they may be physically small at this age, starting to read to them at a young age has always proven benefits with my little ones. Elodie is currently enjoying her little peek-a-boo book with a mirror for her to see her reflection in. I also include her in some of the older siblings story times and at the moment she seems to enjoy listening. I think its even adding to the fact she’s started babbling already!

Toys: She seems to really be interested in the crinkling of crisp packets, baby wipe packets or anything similar lately. She is loving following us around in her walker getting faster by the day. She is always interested in what her siblings are doing, what toys they have, and love when they interact with her and the toy too. She’s definitely at the grabbing stage where anything she finds will automatically go to the mouth but with caution! We have this little lullaby puppy toy since we had Yve’s and its been a great investment as it has been a huge hit with all of them especially at bed time. it’s quite soothing actually, it has sent he off to sleep a few times when feeding I must admit!

Talking: This leads me to this one, She is loving being spoken to, ever since the minute she was born, came out of the water I was speaking to her and her gaze was just fixed onto me, so magical. Newborns love to hear voices, familiarising some they may have heard mumbles from inside the womb so everyday I’ll find myself talking to her lots, she loves to listen to us all in conversation too and reacts in the cutest way by acting all shy then bursting out in huge smiles. interaction is just beautiful when face to face with a small baby who loves you so much.

On her level: Elodie absolutely loves it when she’s close to me, my little koala. She loves it when i’m talking to her right up close, laid down next to her, in the carrier, singing or playing with a toy together. she also is a huge fan of touching my face and twiddling my hair (just like big sister Halle!). Phoenix & the bigger girls love to lay next to her on the play mat as well, talking to her about the toys, singing her a song to which she usually giggles at or stares so contentedly.

Textures: Over the Summer, picnics at the park or simply sitting in the garden would enable us to play outside together more, watching as she would feel the grass or sand for the very first time was so lovely. The same goes for different textured toys, she loves them!

This leads me on to being messy!: So alongside the textures, we go to a messy play group once a week where the little two & I get crafty and painty. Then at home when we do painting I get her involved with maybe doing hand & foot prints or something, or making the most mess at meal times! Baby-led weaning eat your heart out! Yes, mess is something us parents don’t necessarily need to be tidying up after a long day but sometimes I just ‘let it be’. Life’s too short for crying over spilt milk so to speak (unless its hard worked breast milk!)

Bath time bonding: Wether its her in the bath alone, with Mummy or Daddy or with her three siblings, this girl loves her bath time! kicking, splashing, attempting to roll, playing with toys, and watching the bubbles float around her makes her happy!

Baby massage: I’ve done baby massage with all four of my little ones and we definitely see the benefits. It’s something so lovely to bond together with too and really soothes them after a busy day, messy dinner time, and bath time before bed. I’ve read a lot of information about the benefits too so i’ll be doing a post on this soon hopefully.

Cuddling: Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than snuggling with your baby. Their super soft skin, that baby smell, fluffy head & little coo’s. Cherishing time to snuggle is something I am loving so much. She really loves it when she’s being held by her siblings too, they are loving it more so now I think as she’s that little bit bigger & chubbier to be played with without worrying she will get hurt so its an all round win I guess!

Fresh air: Something that the kids & I all thrive on at one time or another is making sure we get enough fresh air. So with the bigger girls at school Monday-Friday, Phoenix, Elodie & I have time with each other and this definitely includes trips to the park, little walks or simply in the garden looking for nature things, playing in the swing, digging in the mud or just taking it all in really. I believe it’s so good for the soul, adult & child.elodie-six-months-peanuts img_7553

I’m feeling quite sad that she’s grown this fast already as it seems just like yesterday we were bringing her home but i’m so happy to have her in my life and to be living alongside her and our family. I’m also equally excited as every single moment she is blossoming into a little person with their own personality.

What do you & your baby love to do?



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