Things I’ve loved lately.

A very random post here, but I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been loving, doing, reading, making, thinking and what not. By the way, who else is loving Autumn so far? I am! I mean I love all four season in their own right but there is something extra special about autumn, the colours and natural beauty is stunning. Endless play opportunities for the kids, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, we have those beautiful chilly mornings with sunshine peeking through the mist, and don’t get me started on the hot chocolates and candles! So here’s my little round up…

I’ve recently purchased some new autumn knitwear, two similar colours but I love them both, one’s a ochre chunky knit, and the other has a beautiful zip detail down the back. I haven’t bought myself anything in ages but it felt good and I am loving wearing them, stylish them with the usual Mama uniform of Jeans, jeans and more jeans with a dash of converse! I also treated myself to a lovely boyfriend fit leopard print coat the other week, it’s super stylish and can be dressed up or just worn casually which is a bonus.

I finished watching the series of ‘Victoria’ last week and wow wasn’t it great! The acting was wonderful and I just love anything to do with period dramas. It’s really interesting to learn the rough history behind us all isn’t it? I’ve also really been loving watching ‘The Michelaks’ youtube channel, they’re on their Australia adventure at the minute but their Vlogs are just fabulous, the style of editing is amazing and its something i’d love to know more about when it comes to making my films. I love the effects with the drone too! (something I am lusting after and will one day purchase!)

Last night I started reading ‘Girl on the train’, I’ve heard great reviews and actually borrowed the book from my Dad as he always gets a new book when going on his travels so I thought i’d give this one a go! I have always loved books, since becoming a Mama though I find myself not making enough time to read anymore, but it felt good to actually sit down with my cup of chamomile and read a good few chapters into this book, to delve into something completely separate from being a Mum, something to make me think about and look forward to reading more, something other than looking at my phone or trying to catch up on blogging, to switch off and just read….I’m definitely looking forward to reading some more each day.

We made some delicious banana breads the other day, I did a combination of a recipe I looked at via the lovely Esther at Inside out & about blog, and the one in Fearne Cottons new book. I kind of took snippets of each and created my own, doubled the mixture to make more and they were delicious. The only thing that wasn’t 100% great was that I didn’t have the coconut palm sugar so I used honey and a little amount of demerera sugar instead but only very slightly. We’ve also consumed other types of cake in the form of a very ‘not so healthy’ rainbow cake for my biggest girls birthday that was on Thursday! She was SIX! …Seriously, breastfeeding just makes me want to eat cake all the time!

So yes, My biggest girl turned the big SIX on Thursday, such bittersweet feelings, she was over the moon with her new bike. Her little face lit up just like on those other five birthday mornings, She really is a ray of sunshine in our lives and it was a day I felt so emotional at many times but so happy to watch her grow into such an incredible little person with such a big heart.

The past few weeks we’ve been planting our bulbs for Spring next year, I really hope they take well and we end up with a huge section of flowers, ones I can cut and arrange them myself into our home knowing that they are truly home grown – nothing better. We have a selection of bluebells, Iris Hollandica, Crocus chrysanthus, Narcissus, Tulipa Triumph, Mascara armeniacum, Allium, Ranunculus. We’ve also got a little plant we’re growing called a ‘snake bark maple Phoenix’ so we shall see!

I’ve also been working on a few posts featuring some great brands for the past few months, compiling all my content, words, images and film and can’t wait to share. Time is just extremely limited with having four small little ones and I’m really trying to find the right balance of it all while creating a ‘slower paced’ life. well a happy life to be honest, but trying to not get worked up when I can’t complete something right away, and just trying to not be so hard on myself as the past few month have been intense what with rubbish health and just the overwhelming feelings of not keeping up with things. But in recent weeks, I am taking it day by day and i’m glad to have had all my littles at home for the half term, I’m equally sad to see my big girls back to school tomorrow too, I miss them so much every single day. We did lots of making though including a paper mache house for the Ninja turtles, halloween masks and new bird feeders for our garden – the girls love this job!

So this post has been a rather waffling, random post, maybe its the supposed extra hour I’ve been given, or its that I feel completely out of sync and should really be in bed catching up on sleep considering I have been feeding little lady multiple times a night in recent weeks, either that or one, two or all three of the bigger children want to alternate who needs a wee or poo, blanket back on, blanket not on, cuddle, or just a general chit chat in the small hours.


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