Our siblings in November 2016

Some days I still can’t believe we are parents to four amazing little people. They drive us mad sometimes but goodness me do we feel so grateful. They all have such individual personalities that bounce off one another, at times they can clash, but undoubtedly they love each other fiercely and protect one another so much. I hope they stay this devoted forever and their bond grows every single day

This month I thought I’d make a little note of our little siblings and their school run dynamics – the good & the…not so good!

Either the school pick up is with an over tired two year old, an almost certain leaky poo situation from a 7 month old, pouring down with rain and a huge load of traffic. We then pick the girls up who will then be over tired, hungry, agitated, bickering, and just exploding all emotions on the way home making me feel like I’m about to blow myself. We then arrive home to the “in still hungry”, okay dinner is soon, “I don’t want dinner”, or the bickering continuing, and me waiting for back up from Mr T, and us then willing bedtime to come as we are well and truly frazzled, then we realise it’s only 5:23pm.


Then we have the other end of the spectrum. The two year old will be in full flow of hilarious conversation full of enthusiasm and new things he’s saying, or recognising all that’s surrounding him, telling me what way it is to Grampy’s (shark way if you were wondering), delightfully tucking into snacks. The weather is autumnal but not hammering it down, we pick up our girls (baby still probably poops but on the occasion she doesn’t, what a win!) I then get two minutes to do what I’m currently doing now and drafting a blog post before five minutes time when our girls are ready to greet us. We then all get into the car, tuck into snacks, and sing along to the tumble tots cd together which they love singing “I am the music man” while acting out the instruments. Phoenix’s favourite is “jolly snowman” and boy does he let it be known! We then get home, our far from perfect or 100% ready but comfortable home is the place where the older three cram together on one square of the big corner sofa, awaiting cuddles with their baby sister. The safe place we are whole, and we await dinner and Daddy’s arrival home from work, we then sit and chill with a DVD, blankets and snuggles and reflect on everyones day. I love to have conversations with them & know what they’ve been doing, thinking, feeling when not with me.

Either scenario, come rain or shine, this is our reality five days of the week and even though I feel like I’m losing at everything some days, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s exhausting, but even more amazing, & totally worth it.november-16img_7745imgk_7746img_7804

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