Our Family in November 2016.

Another month has flown by, and as much as I’ve felt like it’s been a good month for us (other than the lack of sleep and occasional outbursts from over tired kids) it’s been a nice month, days and I’m secretly glad as it’s almost the Festive period! The autumn school term seems to have whizzed by, and as much as I look forward to the next holiday period with my little ones, its also something I find myself mourning as it is symbolising just how fast time is going by, for example – Yvie-Mae turned SIX last month. How on earth am I a Mama to a SIX year old already who is in year one, shocking for me and its something I am proud of but struggle to make sense of all the rapid change going on a lot. We’ve had time where we’ve gone for lovely walks to the park or local pub for Sunday roast, double the amount of school homework now, the starting of Rainbows for Yve’s, the continuing of dance classes for both bigger girls and the enjoyment of messy play Wednesdays for the little two.

Next month is one of my favourites, the weather change and cosiness, chunky blankets, slippers & hearty foods, the festivities and gearing up to Christmas, letting our children know the true meaning of Christmas time – being with loved ones and cherishing it so much, the crafting, Phoenix has an introductory session at his future nursery (round the next building to the girls school) and of course the girls are going to be in their nativities and school plays, how exciting (and emotional for this Mama!)
november-family november

This photo makes me laugh, totally shows how much little lady follows her Mama, Koala bear baby 🙂novembertribe

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