Precious little feet.

When you have babies, you will without a doubt come to the stage where they always kick their socks off, pull them off, chew on them, or just get freezing cold feet and not look bothered at all. With my two eldest daughters, when they were sitting/crawling I would just use the lovely baby socks from Baby Gap – they were the only ones that would really stay on really, and a mixture of hand-knitted baby booties from my Nan, They would always manage to kick those off though with their never-ending fidgeting! It was when my little boy was born that I came across one of my online photographer/blogger friends pages and saw that they spoke really highly of this wonderful brand. That brand was Inch Blue, It was then that I purchased a little rainbow pair for my little boy and goodness me he wore the life out of them. We even lost one of them in a local park and I put a little shoutout on facebook to see if anyone had seen it as I knew he loved them as much as I did, and luckily one of my friends who I hadn’t seen in years posted saying they found his little rainbow mocc! They’re still going strong now though with our little elodie wearing them day to day along with two other pairs she has been sent. Inch Blue work very hard in designing comfortable, vibrant and stylish baby shoes from the ages 0-6years. The variety of colours/designs available is amazing, made from soft-leather they are spacious and perfect for precious, tiny and constantly growing (& chubby!) feet.
_mg_6923The company have since  created a ‘little brother’ brand called Wolfie & Willow designing extremely comfortable soft-structured baby shoes. As stated on the site, these designs are great for ‘little eco warriors’ which you can buy in sizes 0-6months to 5-6 years. I was very kindly sent some moccs back in 2015 where you can see my little feature on them here, but recently they have ever so generously sent me two pairs of their beautifully handmade moccs for our little Elodie to test out. We received the ‘Geranium’ in yellow/white from Inch Blue which retail at £20, and the ‘Magenta’ from Wolfie & Willow which retail between £30 – 34. For some these may sound like a steep price tag but they are definitely in investment which last well for your developing little ones. I would personally choose the Inch Blue price tag to begin with as they spend a lot of time crawling, scraping them across the floor but they really do last well, then I may have chosen the other style from Wolfie and Willow for when they’re toddling, as mentioned above they do go up to the age of 5-6 years so they are effectively slippers which you know they would get great use out of – not to mention the comfort and sleek style! I knew from previous experience they would not disappoint at all, the sheer quality is visible as soon as you open the box, the gorgeous selection of designs and colours are amazing- all by using vegetable tanning. With both styles of shoes, it is advised for them to only be used for indoor purposes, and to be cleaned with minimal washing due to them creating their own ‘used leather’ effect.img_7846Elodie has been loving her baby shoes, they are very handy for the chilly mornings on the school-run when she is usually in the baby carrier, they’re super good for her getting a pushing grip on the wooden floor at home in her baby walker, and not to mention being the little additive to any clothing she is wearing. I’ve had many people commenting on how soft & comfortable they look and I am always so happy to say just how wonderfully designed they are. They’re great through all seasons too as she started wearing them in the Summer, and still wearing now approaching winter, it gives her comfort and me reassurance that her feet are nice and cosy when being carried outside, or nice and snug when playing on the floor at home. They will no doubt come in handy when she’s much more mobile and toddling about the place!_mg_7283_mg_5921They’ve since gone on to design their ‘Amberly’ tote handbags too which retail at £150, you can check out more about on their website. Overall the product quality level is of premium standard, gorgeous style, ethical and a family must-have which are all handmade in the UK. Here’s the websites of the two companies and be sure to check out all the stunning designs before making your final choice as they’re all just so lovely!

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