A Crafty Christmas evening.

A few weeks ago I attended a lovely little Christmas craft evening with one of my great friends. I always feel really anxious when leaving my littles, lost really. As usually my hands are so full, i’m limited with being a breastfeeding Mama,  and I just don’t feel at ease doing things for me without feeling guilt of not being with my little ones – something I’m slowly changing as its silly really as we all know it’s only human to need time for ourselves where in return we feel so much better about ourselves and not burnt out. It’s taken me six years to realise this one but i’ll get there slowly, that putting my interests as a priority matters too and if anything the kids will benefit from too.

So it was a big thing for me to go out to this event, it was only 8pm-10:30pm and all of them were in bed asleep at home with Daddy (but littlest lady did happen to do her usual thing recently of waking up about 3/4 times before 11pm and she did just this) but ended up relaxing on the sofa with Daddy and falling back to sleep. She always senses I am around though, as soon as I put her in her bed she woke instantly for a feed – little minx. I did secretly love that little catch up though with full snuggles and baby hair stroking.

Back to the craft event: I attending this last year on my own and I loved it, It takes place at a local church hall where my friend & I have taken our kids to messy play for the past six years. Its all decorated beautifully with lots of nature hanging around entwined in twinkly lights, the lights dimmed and cosy, canapés floating around, mulled wine or spiced apple juice (I opted for the apple due to feeding & driving) the crafts available were ceramic painting, felting a pair of earrings, making your own sequin bauble, little pine cone Christmas tree ornaments, a fresh wreaths. It was just such a lovely evening, focusing on my creativity, and spending time with my good friend. There were some lovely ladies who were commenting on my designs which was nice and one of the workshop ladies asked if I was an artist, I just giggled and said “I just love to be creative!”

I started off making my very first wreath, I really enjoyed this and whizzed through the process with ease, I think I found it easier because I found it so therapeutic! I was sipping on my spiced apple juice, adding nature to a metal wire, berries, ivy leaves, then finished off with a ribbon and wooden heart. I want to write ‘Home sweet home’ on it too. but for now it’s hanging in our porch. It’s lasting pretty well so far!img_2284img_2406

Last year I made similar things including designing a ceramic plate based around our family, our little trio of children and did my ‘three Christmas starts’. This year has seen our little Didi enter our tribe and I wanted to update with a new plate design. I just went off the top of my head and came up with this.craftevening1Its far from perfect but I think I like that makes me like it even more. It symbolises our tribe to me, our four amazing children, my wonderful life partner and our Christmas together. I used porcelain pens for all of it and just used brushing strokes to create a simple tree effect.img_2299I also made a cup for me to enjoy a cup of tea in (hopefully not microwaved more than once) on one side I did ‘Mama’ with four little hearts, one for each of my babies, the other side I wrote ‘Beautiful minds inspire others’ as I think thats something great to live by and believe in. We’re also in the process of finishing decorating our girls room and this is something I always say to them so I thought i’d put it on a little pot for them to display in their room when they’re next feeling a little bit crazy ‘It’s cool to be kind’ – so true right? and something valuable for our children to remember when it sometimes seems the opposite for them. And finally I made four little pine cone Christmas trees using little beads, paints, glue guns, wooden stars then carefully glued onto a little ceramic pot. I have these up on our fireplace and I’ll share a photo soon – its a far from perfect sight as Halle looked and inspected her new ornament and smashed it within two minutes. Luckily we have a glue gun and now a story to tell when she’s older when she wonders why it’s broken and as to why she had to touch it, inquisitive minds I guess, ha. img_2296

So it was just what I needed after all, to remember that two small hours can make such a difference to my mind set after a rough few months, and that I shouldn’t feel guilt for doing something child-free. We were both saying how it was just so relaxing and how we could’ve spent so much more time making and talking. plus walking away with some goodies that we made with our own minds and hands was fab too! …Of course when I got home the first thing I did was go in and check on them all, give them kisses and cuddles but thats being a Mama for you, always flying back to her nest no matter the adventure.

Do you like to go to any craft events? how often do you get time for yourself? I’d love to know!

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  1. This is lovely, what a great way to get some time to yourself doing something so creative too. I’m a big believer in parents needing a bit of time out now and again, I truely believe it makes us better parents to or ourselves first once in a while. I love your wreath and the plate is beautiful, so glad you enjoyed it xx

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