Our siblings in December 2016

These photos were taken yesterday, the lighting was so poor hence why they are so grainy, the girls are still in uniforms, they’re not in 100% focus, The tree hasn’t been tweaked with yet since the kids decorated, Phoenix is wearing Yvie-Mae’s Christmas hat she made from her school lunch, & Didi is looking rather confused at my silly faces. Sometimes technical perfection doesn’t matter when you know you’ve free-framed a memory that will soon feel like forever ago. I remember that when taking these photos, the kids were being so hyper and giggly, then the next minute fighting over who gets to hold baby sister. Phoenix was bouncing around doing his ‘ninja turtle moves’ and rattling off all the names of them including their weapon types – the boy is a ninja genius, and dinosaur obsessive. I’ve also loved looking back over this year in little snippets below, just to see how much our little sibling dynamic has changed. I am still in disbelief that I have grown, birthed and with Mr T, are raising four amazing little humans. The past six years seem to have whizzed by and I feel like if I didn’t capture all these memories, some would be lost forever, but I will always do my best to preserve just this, our little life together. Tomorrow its the end of term and to say it’s welcomed with open arms is an understatement, I mean the kids still wake ridiculously early, even earlier more so when its not school, but i’m so glad that we won’t have to be time-scheduled and out the door each morning. we can take a slower pace and enjoy each others company too. Of course it won’t all be rosey, squabbles happen, thats life, but it shapes us and we always go back to one another. They’re so excited that Daddy is taking some much needed time off work too since starting his own business back when Didi was born. So here’s our little four treasures in the month of December 2016, with a little round up of the year. img_8186img_8176tribephotojan-april-16mayjunejulyaugustmodernlullaby_5x5remindercardfront_ohsnapYou can see all our siblings posts if you search ‘siblings’ in the box at the top. 🙂

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  1. Tanita says:

    Aw they are the most gorgeous photos of your children. They look so happy. What a lovely brood you have. Merry Christmas xxx

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