Our Snuzpod baby.

I feel like I’m on a different journey in some ways with our fourth baby, some ways I feel more relaxed, others it’s more fast paced, and then some feelings feel the same. When it comes to sleep and babies, with your first you always have someone offering advice – some welcomed, some not so much (even though I know they meant well). But sometimes it stuck around and made me think if we were making the right choices, but in fact we were – for us and our little family.

We’ve always done a combination of co-sleeping (to make it easier all round as I am a breastfeeding Mama, lifting in & out etc, and to do anything to enable better sleep) as they grew bigger, they started to spend more time in their own cots with the option of still coming in to have a snuggle. I did get to the point sometimes, especially when I was feeling the sleep deprivation at its highest intensity, I would feel myself getting stressed about mine and everyone else’s lack of sleep. This time around though, as much as we’re still not getting a full nights sleep, we found the help of the snuzpod and its great design to have helped with the night wakings as it has the option to drop the side down and basically co-sleep. It made feeding easier for me and my back pain (from literally having no core strength because of my severe tummy muscle split) it was obviously comfortable for our little girl, spacious and sturdy too. Before discovering the Snuzpod, we had used a Moses basket with our previous three. It’s something I absolutely adore because of the sentimental value, and it did serve us well, but as our babies were born chunky, them moving about as they grew bigger made me worry as it wouldn’t feel as sturdy.

When I was expecting Elodie, I was asked if I wanted to review a Snuzpod, and to be part of the Snuz momma campaign. I instantly got the website up on my computer and started to look at the colours available as we were very kindly given the choice of colour. We’ve always left the gender of our babies a surprise so we wanted something neutral and opted for the stylish ‘dove grey’. At the time we were asked about the Snuzpod, it was only available in Eco-white, natural, dove grey and espresso. As the past few months have gone by, they have now introduced four beautiful new colours which are sherbert, blush and putty – all stunning in their own right._mg_4491_mg_4489juneimg_5929img_5708oct1_mg_7204

Things to think about…
There are a couple of things I will mention, not so much negatively but just little notes to keep that are the weight of lifting the Snuz is obviously a bit heavier with it being wooden as opposed to the usual wicker handles of a moses basket, so transporting it as a portable sleeping method may be a bit bigger, I’ve found this an issue in some ways as I have severe tummy muscle damage so Mr T would be the one who carried it downstairs if needed.

I would love the design to have had a better way of making the fabric sides maybe machine washable? All of us parents know that if something is machine washable it makes life ten times easier. We’ve not had any major marks, but with it being white and siblings wanting to regularly peep over the sides to see their new sibling its safe to say there may be some little handprints but very minor. Its not a negative as such as you can remove it, its just not something I think would go down well as a regular thing, maybe if you were thinking of putting away for another, or to sell it may need a little refresh.

Why should I choose a Snuzpod?
We believe that the Snuzpod has so much to offer for ensuring your baby has a lovely place to sleep, even if it is used as the drop down side and attached to the side of the bed for a co-sleeping method. The design is so sturdy, stylish and practical. It’s also got the added feature of being a portable sleeping area for your little one, giving you peace of mind if you want them nearby. When you think about the design itself, with it being made of wood you may think it to be bulky, but this is such a discreet style, and doesn’t take up anymore space at all. The assembly of the Snuz was pretty simple too and took very little time to piece together – something which is always welcomed with open arms when getting ready to welcome a new baby! You can also choose from three beautifully designed bedding sets, we went for the ‘cloud 9’, all so lovely with little pops of colour.

Where can I purchase a Snuzpod?
You can find out more information on the Snuz website, but the retailers are Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Babies R us, Mothercare and also from online stores. They sell at £199.95 so a bit more expensive than most moses baskets, but with all things in mind I think its definitely an investment (especially if you plan on having more than one baby) but also anything that promotes better sleep for everyone is worth a try right? and as much as we loved our moses basket before with the added sentimental value, we have both said that we wished the Snuzpod was around when we had our first baby, it really has been such a great product to use for our little one._mg_7217CollaborativepostThank you so much to Snuz for sending us this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, images & film are entirely honest & my own unless otherwise stated. We 100% recommend this product and believe its made life that little bit easier fourth time around – even if sleep still is a rollercoaster 😉

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  1. Monica says:

    Such a cute video! And thank you so much for this detailed review. I’ve been considering getting a Snuzpod for a few weeks now. My eldest son never wanted to be in our bed and settled best in his own cot but our new baby is the opposite and only settles in our bed and I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I think this could be the answer!

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      Thank you! We really loved it, such a great design and beautiful too. I wish we had it with our first, would’ve made the night feeds a lot easier. xx

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