Our family in December (with a round up of 2016)

A. Whole. Year…. and with that another amazing little member added to our tribe.

How proud I am to say this (not so) little Tribe is mine, It’s been a year of change, a year of imbalance, a year of learning new ways of life, a year of happiness, a year of challenges, and most importantly, a year full of love. The love I have for my family is something no words could ever really fully describe, they are quite simply – my purpose. They lift me up, they inspire me, they encourage me, are there for me and love me, What a lucky Mama I am.

So with the year now coming to a close, I wanted to take a little trip back throughout the year as to what we’ve been up to.

In January I entered my third trimester in our fourth pregnancy, something that was so exciting but also very tiring by this point! It was also the month that our little chap turned two, celebrating with a trip to the zoo and a Bob the builder cake that I made.

Sharing thoughts of how I aim for positive births in February as I was getting closer and closer to my due date, not without mentioning the feeling of Mama guilt, anyone else feel this?

By March, the nesting surge was kicking in full mode, our little trio were so excited for the arrival of their newest sibling too which also made me feel so emotional about our little boy only having a few weeks left of being the baby of the family.

On the 15th of April we welcomed our fourth little one into our world and she couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Sharing feelings of that first night, breastfeeding troubles, and our first photo as a family of 6.

In May I wrote about how much of a whirlwind it is welcoming a new baby, planting our sunflower seeds to be a nice symbol of ‘new beginnings’, and sharing my continuing support of breastfeeding Mamas, its also the month that is Halle’s & my birthday (I did post about her birthday with a movie but Youtube removed the songs so i’m still altering it!).

In June our family dynamics seemed to get a little balance, but within myself I was having wobbles about blogging and hoping to find inspiration.

In July we planted our very own garden fit for butterflies and also grew our own right from tiny caterpillars, I caught the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis on film too!

In August, I revealed our newest little ones name, and we enjoyed simple days out over the Summer holidays.

By September, our family portraits were looking so different compared to the photos with a tiny newborn in, and I continue to be so emotional about how fast time seems to be going and how big my little ones are growing already.

October was the month our littlest lady turned six months old.

In November I spoke about Didi & I reaching six months into our breastfeeding journey together and after so many issues it felt so good to get to this point and still continuing to feed her.

And December, you have been good to us. It started off with the overall excitement that Christmas was on its way, but with the girls being in school now it also meant we had that gearing up part where it was all things festive. Nativities, fetes, decorations, festive baking, making etc. We had such a lovely relaxed Christmas and looking forward to see what 2017 brings for our family.

Happy New Year everyone! familydecember22familyportraitdecember16-1familyportraitdecember20162With a little round up of photos of 2016.novembertribeNovember 2016family-portrait-end-of-sept-16October 2016 (can’t seem to find Septembers post)AUGUST2August 2016July2016-3July 2016
June2016-8June 2016May2016-6May 2016April20161April 2016March2016March 2016 (Next time to need to sit back with the group, I look huge!! lol)
February2016-5February 2016
January2016-2January 2016

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12 Discussion to this post

  1. Kerri-Ann says:

    Such a beautiful post Natalie and what a gorgeous family you are. I love this collection of photo’s so much, December has been a beautiful month of skies hasn’t it? Your December sounds just wonderful and I hope you have a great start to the new year x #meandmine

  2. Thank you love, It was such a lovely month overall aside from sickness! Happy New Year xx

  3. Mary Smith says:

    Beautiful pics Natalie. Its been lovely to dip in and out of your families adventures over this last year and follow the growth too. Hope 2017 is good to you all x

  4. Gorgeous photos Natalie and such a special year for you. December sure does change with everything school in the mix doesn’t it? x

  5. Hayley Smith says:

    Happy New Year Nat. Love seeing all your beautiful photos together, you’re a gorgeous bunch and always so many smiles. It’s been a busy year for you and it’s been great to follow along, hope 2017 is a good one xx

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      Thank you. Busy year for sure, full to the brim but also taught me lots! Happy New Year x x

  6. Jenny says:

    So so gorgeous to look back on a whole year of beautiful family captures. Love your snaps each month. December’s with those gorgeous skies WOW! Glad you had a nice holiday. Happy New Year beautiful to you and your family. I look forward to another year of #meandmineproject

  7. What a fantastic year you had. It was a joy to read and can’t wait to hear what 2017 has in store for you and your family xx

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