Focus on the good

Everyday I try and wake up feeling optimistic about all the things that day could bring, or what we can make of it.

Then sometimes, life wants to be a bit of a pest. I mean, in comparison to severe problems this seems very minor, but equally its something that means a lot to me. Today was going okay, if you don’t include the fact that we all woke up on the wrong side of bed,  but never would I have predicted what I was to then see in the afternoon. I could smell a random damp smell upstairs, then I heard a drip.

Then I opened the cupboards in the girls room, to see a huge leak that had gone all over their things, their newly painted walls, brand new fitted carpet, books, dvds, lots of our washing that hadn’t yet been sorted into piles. I then opened the other side, to find that all of my precious photobooks of our family were there – soaked, wrinkled, floppy and ruined. I have since spent the evening hair drying, and carefully unfolding individual pages to try and restore the good, but i’m not so sure it’ll be enough.

*This was all going on while Phoenix was rushing to the toilet for a poo, Élodie lost balance and bumped her head on the door and I was all in a fluster seeing to my babies and the fast dripping water in the girls room.

Yes this may seem something so small, and I’m so thankful I saw it before it got worse, or the ceiling came through or something like that, but I can honestly tell you that I have a heavy heart tonight and feel like my heart sank a little. I spend so much time loving to document us, our life. Practising my craft and then spend even more time photo-booking to make sure i’m preserving more than just an online diary here. I may be able to order copies but thats if I saved them or not, who knows. It’s days like these though (no matter how shit it may feel in the moment) or when life feels like its all too consuming – the thing I like to do most is focus on the all of the good that also surrounds me. I then remember that today, my boy has been a little superstar and keeping me giggling with his lovely witty nature and facial expressions, how I blended some yummy goodness for little Didi to enjoy, that my girls have come home happy from school, having a cup of tea with my Dad after he came to the rescue and looked at the leak, and not forgetting all the bedtime kisses & cuddles I got from my four babies.

On days when I feel like I’m failing at everything, or just woke up feeling very demotivated (maybe from lack of sleep) and overall lacking inspiration for how I want my day to pan out. Sometimes the kids wake up in the most horrendous moods, this can make the household a little crazy for the first part of the morning whether its before school, or even on the weekend. Having four kids is beyond amazing, but never 100% perfect. Its tiring, hard work and can make you feel like you’re going to crumble. But with everything in mind, when I look around with fresh eyes after a breather, a cup of tea, or simply watching my kids  playing happily, birds soaring across a beautiful sky, that song on the radio that I haven’t heard in years – these are some of the things that lift my spirits and make me switch back & realise to keep thinking and focusing on the good.

I have so much to be thankful for and on those days where it gets a bit much I try my best to remember this all the more. A few months back I had a couple of situations arise which made me feel like I was in a very dark place, anxious about everything, finding it hard to accept change, or the speed of change anyway. Definitely when it came to our kids, I find it so hard with each passing milestone or phase/ age but equally I am feeling so blessed to be able to witness the changes and embrace them (tantrums and all, even if they do drive me bonkers at the height of them!) …and slowly I am coming back to the better way of thinking, the way of knowing that everything happens for a reason, theres a time and a place for everything and with that – time waits for nobody.

I read this quote recently and it couldn’t be more appropriate.


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  1. Such a lovely photo and I am so sorry about your leak and your books. If it means alot to you then it is a big deal to feel sad about. I hope you find that you can replace them. xx

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      Thank you Laura, I know it’s so gutting, Hopefully I have some saved but others I will need to re-do if I find the files x

  2. Donna says:

    Woah Natalie. I think that would push anyone to the brink. I can imagine if all our belongings – especially precious family photos were covered in water from a leak that was still leaking with children at my feet. But I know that part wasn’t an ordinary day and even on the typical days I know I feel like the plates are all falling around me. I need to stop and just enjoy those little things more too x

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      Simple moments really does put things into perspective for me, especially when days can be hard, and its something that really helps to shift my mood back to positive. x

  3. Such a lovely post Nat and one I nodded along too as I often feel the same and I am definitely victim of beating myself up about the stresses of life, when in actual fact it’s the little moments that are the most important. I am so sorry to hear about your photo books, I would be so upset. I hope you managed to save them a little bit. x

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      It really is, completely puts life into perspective and helps to re-evaluate. Thank you, i’m working on it x

  4. Mary Smith says:

    Oh Man I wanted to cry with you reading this. Its so hard with a young family isn’t some days? Chaos and a tired mummy sometimes is nuts! I agree about keeping perspective but some days its just so hard to do! Im sorry about all of the pictures, its so hard when things like that happen..yes people have it worse but sometimes I just want to rant or cry over my problems that feel so big in the moment!
    You are doing great, your kids are great and hopefully this year will be a good one xx #Ordinarymoments

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      It can be tough when everything seems to be against you. but in the light of things it just makes me realise all the good I have and that i’m thankful for, hold on to and will try my best to work the rest out. Thank you x

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