Our four in March 2017

A whole year has gone by in a flash, and we now have another member to our gang. Four little siblings keeping each other company and to share life with. When I look back at our photos this time last year, the last month which we would have three little ones, the last lot of sibling photos I would take before we added our final member. Looking back at them also makes me gobsmacked at how much they’ve grown and changed all round. Yvie-Mae is sprouting out of her clothes, Halle’s hair is now half way down her back and Phoenix is a walking talking dinosaur encyclopedia (backpack, hat and gizmo included). He seems so tiny in these photos next to his big sisters, and little did he know at this point that he would soon be a big brother to another sister, one that he could guide and protect just like they do to him. I remember watching my three this time last year, wondering how the arrival of their new sibling would be for them, and I feel so lucky to have watched them welcome her with gigantic open arms and to be so happy having her here. I still can’t believe I have grown, birthed and am raising four little ones, I feel so unbelievably blessed to have them that no words could ever describe it. I am trying to embrace the changes, the growth, the life we’re living and building together, but that feeling of wanting time to slow down a little bit or to re-live little moments again and again never will fade I don’t think. Yes some days can be SO hard work, especially when extremely sleep deprived as I have been for months now (years *cough*!) but when I look at how the time does fly it makes me wonder how fast the next six years will go by, so i’m going to try everyday to make the most of it – rollercoaster days and all.

So much change in one year, and its true what they say (no matter how cheesy or cliche it sounds) that the days can feel long sometimes but goodness me the years are so short.Scuffed knees for two big girls, one muddy bottom, tights pulled up to the under arms for one baby, and double muddy booty for a little lad, successful trip to the park i’d say!
I thought I would share a photo of each of them too this month.

Stomping around, climbing, bouncing and excited to know that they could stay up that little bit later as it was a Saturday evening, watching something together as a family and taking time to just, be. It did go a little pear shaped towards the end (as if anything is always plain sailing in parenthood!) and little Phoenix was so worn out from the play, he was super moody and tired that he just needed his bed. The best part about it though was that only my cuddles would soothe him in that moment, for the first time in a long time, my little lad fell asleep in my arms before I laid him into his bed. Sometimes it’s nice to just take it all in no matter how hard work it can be sometimes, bedtimes especially, but my little boy transported me back to when he was tiny once more and it was so lovely.
I love this little outtake.

So this time next month our littlest member will be turning ONE, how that is coming around so fast is so scary. My little Phoenix will be starting more hours at nursery, and both my bigger girls will be looking forward towards Easter half term.

(If anyone has any idea why WordPress keeps changing the quality/colours of my images I’d love to know, they look quite dull when uploaded here. Thanks in advance!)

So i’m happy to be joining the lovely ladies Lucy, Kerri-Anne, Katie, Carie, Amber and Donna so make sure you check out their posts and do pop by some of the ones linked up below! If you’re sharing via Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #siblingsproject so we can all have a look at your wonderful images and share the love.

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  1. Your photos look lovely to me! I LOVE the see-saw photos, your little (or not so little) gang look like they are having so much fun together! xx

  2. Love the see-saw photos of your foursome. They make such a lovely group and it’s nice that they are all happy to pose together! #siblingsproject

  3. Oh that’s a very good trip to the park – they look like they’re having a blast and on this computer your pictures don’t look dull at all!

  4. Great pictures! The seesaw makes for such a lovely setting. I am so happy that Spring seems to finally be emerging and we get to play, explore and take pictures outside. #siblingsproject

  5. Oh what stunning photos Nat- It’s so funny to see all four of them together as it looks like there’s so many of them! the see-saw ones especially are just gorgeous xx
    Ps. the colours look very vivid to me on m Mac- but I do know what you mean. I’m sure blogger uploads mine of a lesser quality than how I take them and mine always appear ever so slightly blurred and less bright. Not sure why? xx

  6. Stunning photos, babies little chubby legs in those red tights!! So sweet xx

  7. They are so cute on that see saw Natalie! And I agree the years are most definitely short x

  8. Beautiful shots 📸 iparticularly loved the shot of the feet! Loved the outtake too. Happy memories captured. Thank you for hosting #siblingsproject

  9. Jenny says:

    Ahhh babes these are absolutely adorable. Look at their happy faces and having so much fun together. I would love four kids always thought I would have more children. It’s such a beautiful dynamic between them all isn’t it? Successful park visit. #siblingsproject

  10. Such gorgeous photos! Amazing how much can change in a year isn’t it! x

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