Our Friday’s

Our Fridays.

Since the older girls started school, Phoenix, Élodie & I have had a little routine and especially our Fridays in particular. It’s a day when Phoenix wakes up, he knows after lots of school runs throughout the week and now Nursery on Thursdays that the morning after means only one thing! “GRAMPYS HOUSE TODAY!” Yay! We drop the girls off, me still feeling that ache when saying goodbye but off we go to Grampys house.

My Dad always says, “I’m not sure why he loves it here, it’s only small and a mess”. Thing is with kids, they see past all of these things us adults notice, to them any place has potential to be fun, to explore and play. Grampy has been building up a great collection of toys over the years since we had our littles (his first Grandchildren) and even saved some old figures from his own childhood. Since last year though the toy collection has been added to with sooooo many ninja turtles and dinosaurs – which they all love but it’s something he will remember and look forward to each Friday. Usually Grampy has set them all up for him to unleash his imagination with and he will sit there for quite a while doing his American accent (why do all kids do this? I did too!) and fusing teams together to conquer the baddies.

The other day at home he was “getting all the baddies” in my clean washing which needed all bashing down of course – much to my frustration at clean washing spread out all across the room that I had just tidied, I had to giggle though and see it from his view that the washing was in fact a magical pile of mountains for the supposed baddies. So you can imagine when he takes this imagination everywhere he goes!

Its the little things I want to remember like how Phoenix will love to have his “butter toast”, brioche and snacks while watching an episode of Ninja turtles or a DVD if Didi naps. The way he will stomp around hunting for Dinosaurs as he shouts “I’m going on a prehistoric adventure Mummy!”…”hat – check, backpack – check, gizmo – check, now I can’t find the tumbleweed”. It’s hilarious but so adorable, the innocence of childhood is incredible right? We should have this mindset for a lot longer I reckon!

Élodie is well and truly on the move now so I have to have eyes in the back of my head, and Hoover up behind her trail of food. She is standing and moving along furniture now along with fast crawling, makes for my cleaning to be very slow paced.

It’s just a day that I know I’ll miss when my boy starts school September 2018. Now I know it seems a long way away but it’s really not when I reflect back at how 2016 came and went so rapidly. I want to cherish these ordinary days with these two, we use to do a similar thing before the girls started school but as it’s only the two of them it’s just a bit more relaxed for a few hours. Not only that, the girls look forward to us picking them up as Friday afternoons we go back to Grampys for them to have a bite to eat. If it’s family assembly, Phoenix will wait at Grampys while I go with Didi to get them and they look forward to having a little play with the figures & their little lego town collection that’s growing week by week!

I’m hoping we will keep our Fridays when Phoenix starts his funded hours at nursery in a few weeks, its something he really looks forward to, as do I.

It really is the little things that matter most.

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