Moments to remember – Post nap snuggles.

Don’t you just love them?

When your baby has had a snooze and wakes up all warm, rosey cheeked, happy to see you, big bambi eyes and wanting for hugs and kisses. Such a lovely moment I love daily, obviously sometimes they wake up cranky as hell but for the most part, babies just love their snuggles, as do I. It does go onto toddler hood but sometimes fizzles out when they go on nap strike like some of my little ones have done!

With all four of our littles it’s just something I love so much. The feeling of them waking to need that snuggle just as much as I love to give them. Its amazing really how they have no idea how much one of their snuggles means so much to us parents, it really does mean the world. Sometimes at the weekend, when time is a little more relaxed and no school runs are needed, I love to enjoy this time even more so, no rushing, & really soak it all up, cherish it as this won’t last forever as much as I’d love it to. Taking in the simple things like the smell of hair, the softness of skin, the warmth of the hugs, the snuggles full of content, post nap feeds and gazes up at me. These little moments I want to remember, I’ve felt them with all four of my littles, and cherishing them all the more this time around as Didi is more than likely our last baby.Not only that, when snuggling my little baby it brings back the memories from doing the same with my three other littles too. This definitely makes me so emotional on a regular basis as they really are growing so fast. Didi’s almost one and its been the fastest year yet, that also means its almost a year that we’ve been on this feeding journey together, one which is very much rolled in with the post-nap snuggles, I just can’t believe how much she has grown and developed in those 11 months in comparison to feeding that small little chunk after a sleep. For now though, I’m going to keep snuggling my little love as it really does mean the world to me, and more.

Moments to remember.
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