The six of us – March 2017

It seems just like yesterday that we were sitting in these daffodils for our February 2016 family portraits as a family of five, waiting for our Spring baby arrival. Its funny as I look back on them though as we were living our life as a family of five, its what we knew to be, yet change was imminent, wonderful and magical change. I look at all the photos from the precious stage of the last few months and weeks of being a family of five yet I  think our little Didi was just destined to join our gang. We didn’t know she was a little girl, but over the past 11 months we’ve seen the littlest sister settle into our family just perfectly. So for this months photos we thought it would be lovely to re-visit the daffodils with her included – almost one year on, just look at the change. I often get asked on a daily basis “hands full?” and in that moment of getting everyone out of the car on the school run single handed it may seem so, yes times can be a challenge, yes we are outnumbered, yes we could do with extra hands etc so yes, hand full but our hearts could explode even more so.

This month, Yves has been so proud of her skipping skills and you’ll usually find her getting creative writing stories, running around the garden or her head in a book. Halle has been enjoying learning her from her phonics mat in the playroom, showcasing her dancing as ever, and amazingly knowing words to so many songs on on the radio, she’s also been to her very first school disco with her big sister which was “really cool”. Phoenix has been enjoying his morning at nursery one morning a week, amazed me by counting to 20 and is absolutely LOVING Justin Timberlakes ‘Sunshine in my pocket’ song and has the best facial expressions to go with the moves too! Didi has evolved into a climber, onto chairs, the craft table, lego table etc, she is such a happy little thing but is still not sleeping too well, she’s recently overcome an eczema infection which covered her back, and also cut four top teeth but with all that going on she has been on good form! Its really sweet how she notices her siblings going off to play too, she will be right after them, super speedy – especially if they’re in the garden. Watching them together still amazes me, and I just feel so lucky i’m their Mama. They were so sweet on Mothers Day, they didn’t give me much of a lie in but they were just too excited to give me their handmade cards, a cake, a ‘Mum’ mug (filled with a morning cup of tea) chocolate flowers and helped Daddy make me an omelette for breakfast (which they then stood there and watched me eat and asked if everything was ok, if I needed them, so funny). It was a nice day with my little tribe, definitely one to remember. As school takes up a big chunk of our time now, we have been trying our best to really make the most of the weekends, this doesn’t always go plain sailing as tiredness kicks in after a long week and with my major sleep deprivation it doesn’t always mix. but we do welcome the slower pace with open arms, not having a place to be at a certain time and to just plod, have time at home, in the garden and try our best to connect. Friday evenings are usually a relaxed pace, then Saturday evening we let the littles have a treat by staying up for family movie night or to watch a family show (or just something funny!). Each month I find myself writing it, but I just can’t believe we have four little ones, four that are growing too fast for our liking, and as much as we love to watch them develop, grow into their own, we equally miss the previous years, I’m terrible for being quite emotional about it actually, almost like a mourning of their baby years. Bittersweet is probably the best way to put it, I’m so incredibly proud of them all, and for our family and so thankful to have this life with them right now. Something I’m sometimes feeling lack of is balance, trying to get a balance with everything and sometimes I put too much pressure on myself and end up really burning myself out. I think its natural for the scales to take a shift sometimes, part of our learning and moving forward as a family I guess, I’m just trying to learn new ways with all the change. Change can be good, but when watching your little ones grow, grow, grow – it can definitely pang your heart right?
Next month, we’re going to be having two whole weeks off school for Easter half term, hopefully a getaway somewhere in the U.K, and also its our littlest members FIRST birthday (cue all the tears!).

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  1. Happy first birthday! What a momentous occasion 🙂 and I hope you will have a good Easter holiday. There are so many beautiful places in UK – I’d love to do a bit more of travelling here too! #meandmine

  2. Alex Gladwin says:

    You have such a lovely family, you must be so proud. I’m worried about Ethan starting school full time in September and losing the flexibility to do things during the week that we have. I think also because my husband works Sundays. I’m going to try and make the most of this summer. Really lovely photos. I love the daffodils. Xx

  3. Carie says:

    They’re gorgeous pictures and how lovely to go back to the same spot as last year – the start of a tradition? Yours hands are full but in the best possible way – what a lovely happy family you have 🙂

  4. Love all these daffodil shots, I am the same as I really want to make the most of the weekends but sometimes a lazy day is making the most of it too! x

  5. Such gorgeous photos, you must be so incredibly proud of your 4 littles. I totally know what you mean about getting that balance- I am also burning myself out, sounds like holidays are needed all around! Hope you manage to get a few days away! xx

  6. Jenny says:

    Lovely to get back to the same place from last year. We like doing that. And what gorgeous photos you have taken this month too. The six of you it’s amazing. I have always wanted four children you always make it look like you got it all under control and blogging on top of it how do you do it girl? #meandmineproject

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