Spring and things I’m loving lately.

Spring has arrived and it’s definitely a time of year I really enjoy. Not only this, but it’s also a special time for me even more so now as our littlest baby was born in this season and turns ONE this weekend – excuse me while I sob in the corner. Quite fitting really as so many new things are making their arrival. Including our bulbs in the garden, blossom on the trees and green appearing everywhere. I’ve really been enjoying the lighter mornings as well, giving me that little bit more motivation to get going (even though my sleep deprivation state hasn’t changed! Thanks baby!)

I thought I’d make a little round up of other things I’ve loved lately too:

Watched: Tyrone and I watched the three part series of ‘The Replacement’, I really enjoy watching things that keep you gripped, the only thing I found difficult was when the baby was crying, or anything Motherhood related and it would set me off!

Calm: My love for lavender oil, along with other essential oils still continues as I rub some on my wrists, or rub on my pillow (even the kids pillows) to help create a calmer atmosphere in the evenings.

Weather: The sunnier days with that lovely Spring breeze in the air, also perfect for hanging fresh washing on the line, so therapeutic!

Style: I took the plunge and got my hair cut last weekend, a whole TEN inches chopped! I’m donating it to The little Princess Trust so hopefully it can be of use to them as for me, as much as I love long hair, after a year – it needed cutting and I just never get the time to spend on it making it all styled!Also…anyone else enjoying wearing sandals? I love having my feet out, my favourite is to be barefoot on the beach though! more style issues…I feel like I’m in a complete style rut at the moment, but I really do love to search across ASOS, ZARA, H&M and a few others, of course adding items to my basket, then never purchasing, something I need to change…

Thankful: I loved having a chilled out Mothers day this year, first year as a Mama to four so that was extra special.

Friendship/support: I created a small but lovely little group for some wonderful bloggers a few months back, I love chatting to them, and how we all bounce ideas & support one another.

Simple activities: Doing things that don’t necessarily cost much, or anything at all, the simple things in life are free I guess, My sister and I took the little two to a local museum the other week, Phoenix is dinosaur obsessed so he was in his element being ‘Andy’ from the prehistoric adventure programme, we even sang the song there! The museum is great (better in term time as its not so busy) and it’s free! I did buy cake though but all worth it for the look on his little face.

Green: As ever, I absolutely love having plants & flowers in our home. I have this habit of picking one up any shop I go to! Being in the garden lots more has also been so great, I decided to re-do a patch in our garden the other weekend, we all spent about 9 hours out there pottering about, cutting and planting, it was fab!

Home: Something I’m really interested in doing soon is making our own products for around the house and for us for now though when it comes to the kitchen, I’ve been loving the smell of the new ECO range from Waitrose, the Grapefruit & Eucalyptus scent is amazing!

Memory keeping: Gradually working my way through my gigantic photo and movie clip back log (along with making my Dads travel films), One of the best things is watching a complete film of memories or to flick through a printed book of photos (that are of course backed up too!). It’s a long process, but a worthwhile one!

I could literally go on forever, of course there has been some stressful moments, days even. Where I feel really out of balance and sleep deprived which doesn’t help anyone, lack of self-care too but focusing on the good things is always nurturing for the soul right?

What have you been up to lately?

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