Our four in April 2017

What a year, today is not only the day to share my photos of our little four but it’s also our littlest members first birthday today, sob! April last year our little lady make her appearance on the 15th (siblings photo day) couldn’t have been more fitting right?

The power of photography and memories never ceases to amaze me for how they can make me feel. I find myself looking back at images daily and even though in that moment, whether it’s a month, or year or more I look at the images and think that little Didi was always destined to join our family. It sounds completely random, but you know when you look at some images and it just seems as though she was already there in spirit somehow. And of course watching the four of them these days, it’s definitely like she’s always been here, she is on the verge of walking so when she’s cracked it, I really am going to be looking at my foursome in complete amazement at how they are a tribe now. The littlest baby isn’t so delicate like when a newborn, the little chap isn’t a toddler anymore, and our big girls are just growing so rapidly that I want time to just slow down for a while. It really does seem to go much faster with the more children you have in a short space of time, that’s the bittersweet part of having them close, as soon as one is growing, the next one is, and the next and so on, uncontrollably and it’s something I get quite emotional about!

Anyway, we started our Easter holidays on Monday and it’s safe to say that time together without rushing has been welcomed, so far this week we’ve spent a lot of time at home doing crafts, playing, garden time, baking or movie afternoons etc. We’ve decided not to cram too much into this break as we go on holiday in a couple of weeks too. It’s the simple times in which I notice their little bonds and quirks all the more though so for that I’m thankful. We’ve had minimal squabbles (although some but easily ironed out) and little Didi has been amazing us at how she’s developing with standing unaided, attempting to take a step and babbling so much – much to our amusement and “ahhhhhing”.

A mix of photos, I have hundreds from this month plus ones from our holiday but here’s a few, I just love this last one, It was SO windy and Phoenix was refusing to smile – until we cracked him!

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