Chasing sunsets past bedtime.

So last month, we went on a much needed family holiday to Woolacombe, a place we’ve been before but this time as a family of six. Its such a beautiful park of the UK and the surrounding areas are just as lovely. I definitely wanted to squeeze in as much time together as possible, and that included having some relaxed days but also days where we set of to explore different parts.

One evening though, I spotted the most beautiful sky, a stunning red sunset. The only thing was that we had just settled the kids in their pj’s after having some fun down at the entertainment hall, I was gutted I missed the chance to show them a red sunset, and to take some photos! The next evening we decided to chance it, skip the entertainment place and headed for the beach after dinner and past the kids bedtime. They found it so funny, and full of wonder why we were going on a little adventure in the evening. We took a little drive, it then started to ABSOLUTELY bucket down, a thick dark cloud descended on us, following our move trying to find a parking space.

We went with the flow regardless and drove up towards Morthoe taking in the sights, turned around and was literally following the cloud as it went away into the sea. We parked up, and overlooked the clear sandy beach, no footprints to be seen, the blue sky appearing but gradually changing into a beautiful sunset across the sea front. The colours and reflections were so amazing, and with us being the only people on the beach (other than two people right over the other side) it felt so peaceful. The kids were wandering along the beach, jumping over rockpools, accidentally falling in but then going full throttle to jump in them and completely loving it. The girls then decided to run along the front of the waves finding it so hilarious that it was okay to do so full clothed, I will always remember the sound of their lovely giggles that evening, such a great memory for us all. its a nice feeling to know that the older girls are at the ages now where they’ll probably remember that night for a long time too.

Phoenix was loving stomping around too until he jumped into one gigantic puddle which soaked him through, so cue some tears (as this was bedtime too!)… great excuse to get zipped up in Daddy’s jacket and have a go in the carrier while we walked back to the car. I love that on the way back, the girls were buzzing with joy that they got to stay up past bedtime, run in the sea and that it was “The coolest night ever”. When getting them in the car, we spotted the most random whirlpool in the middle of the sea that even the locals were photographing, so bizarre! Before heading back, I got a nice hot chocolate to have in the car from a little beach bar as the cafes were closed, it was crazy to see just how quiet Woolacombe beach front is in the evening during term time (we decided to take the girls out for four days of school – more on this soon). Such a peaceful place, less busy like it is in a big city, definitely made a difference.

I just love these photos so much, not only because of the stunning golden lighting, but just the natural moments captured. I love having those family photos all together where we’re all looking, ones to look back on to see how they’ve changed. But the ones that aren’t staged, the honesty just shines through them, emotion, details, colours – just amazing. Oh how I love photography and I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet but I am so proud of myself for getting this far being self taught, something i’m incredibly passionate about, have lots more to learn about but something I always strive to learn more about. One of my biggest passions enables me to capture our memories, how lovely is that?

Woolacombe beach is such a beautiful spot in the UK. We’ve been here a few times now and every time its been so nice. I’ll be writing more about our holiday soon, with lots of photos and a few videos too. For now though, I’m so glad I have these photos from this beautiful evening by the sea, watching the sun set, with my lovely family.

Collecting memories that will be everlasting with this amazing tribe of mine.

Have you been to Woolacombe before?

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