Our four in June 2017

Half way through the year already, this year so far seems to have been one of the fastest. Yet it also feels like there has been so much change in such a short amount of time, especially when I look at our little ones. When I’ve looked at the four of them recently, that’s what I see – four little ones. No longer is it ‘the older three & a baby’, They are more whole than ever now that Didi is toddling around wanting to be involved in everything. Its so sweet to watch the sibling dynamics between them all though, the little two love their time with me when the bigger girls are at school, yet they do get so excited when we are reunited with them at 3:15pm. Obviously we have the moments of intense squabbles, battles and miscommunication, but with help at times, we’re trying to encourage them to problem solve by talking it out, sometimes it doesn’t work but on the whole they can sort it out. This is usually between the bigger girls, or Phoenix included. Its a funny thing where they’re all so close in age but naturally there are still age/development differences which can cause a stir.

On the whole though they love to be together, they become one lovely unit. I feel so proud to see how much they think of each other, how they look out for one another but also how they’re trying to use problem solving if they have a disagreement. They have really enjoyed spending time in the garden after school, making up games (usually water or mud related!) and also getting Didi involved too, Something that has been an ever growing joy for them is to enjoy their snuggles on the sofa for a dvd, favourite tv show, either that or all getting on the top bunk to have a story read to them by Yve’s (her favourite thing!). The two older girls were recently mistaken for twins as they were dressed almost the same, the same crinkly hair from having French plaits and to be honest, theres not much difference in height considering the year and a half difference. They go in & out of phases where they want to ‘be the same’ or to be different, to which we fully embrace either way. Its lovely to see that they all have their own thing going on but equally how they are all gravitated to become one again.

I really feel so proud that these four are still close, and are growing an even stronger bond over time, something I hope continues to grow and they they’ll all know they have each other standing by them living this wonderful life, for what ever life throws at them.

These photos were taken during the May half term when we went strawberry picking with my sister (Didi’s first time as a walker), it was a lovely day together & it was great to see the team work in finding the best juicy ones (and the biggest mud rocks!).

So i’m happy to be joining the lovely ladies Lucy, Kerri-Anne, Katie, Carie, Amber and Donna so make sure you check out their posts and do pop by some of the ones linked up below! If you’re sharing via Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #siblingsproject so we can all have a look at your wonderful images and share the love.

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11 Discussion to this post

  1. Ah they do look like a little unit here and so close. I can’t wait to take the girls strawberry picking in a few weeks x

  2. Donna says:

    Oh wow, they sure are growing up. I love their range of facial expressions in this! x

  3. I was scrolling through thinking, oh what beautiful photos, and then reached the ones with silly faces and burst out laughing – they’re brilliant! x

  4. Sarah says:

    These are such lovely pictures – I struggle enough with the bickering and squabbling that comes with two so I have no idea how you cope with four! #SiblingsProject

    • Natalie @ little Jam Pot Life says:

      It can make you feel crazy at times can’t it, but the flip side is so worth it! all growth one way or another 🙂 x

  5. Great set of photos from all smiles to silly faces! I must take my LOs to a pick your own farm soon. #siblingsproject

  6. Jenny says:

    OH I think this is so darling and my favorite snaps of your four to date. So fun so lovely and the dynamics between them are beautiful to see. #siblingsproject

  7. Haha I love the silly faces!

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