Hello summer holidays.

And so, at 1:30pm today our Summer holidays of 2017 begin.

Sports day complete, book bags filled with all their class work (plus lots pf paper cuttings), uniforms looking worn out, the last few mornings of rushing out the door having forgotten something 90% of the time done – with hairstyles being anything that takes 15.5seconds to do. It’s time for waving goodbye to foundation class for Halle and Year one for Yvie-Mae. Such a bittersweet part of the year, they’ve all been a bit out of sorts at times, overwhelmed with tiredness, excitement bundled into one. Me included! I’m looking forward to spending the six weeks just having the option if I want to be getting out the door before 8:25am.

This summer is also going to be the time that my little sister has her first baby, exciting!

Change is for Phoenix too as he will also be doing longer hours for a few days a week come September. I’m going to miss him so much on his nursery days, what’s an even more heartbreaking thought is that he needs the longer hours (15 per week) to spend the school year getting ready for his start at school come September 2018 – Goodness me, the change is just so constant that I find it hard to comprehend a lot of the time.

We haven’t booked any holiday for the summer yet but I am hoping to take a relaxed approach as Ty will still be working. I’m making a pledge to get outside at least once a day though, even if it is one of those pj’s in the garden type of thing – fresh air does wonder for the soul (children and adults!). I’m hoping to share a little more about what we’re going to get up to over the summer so i’ll write more about it then, one thing is for certain, and that is that i’m going to try my best to enjoy the simple, wake up everyday with a grateful heart, savour deep breaths in those mad moments of squabbles or tantrums, and just remember that I need to try and make the best of each situation – for my own sanity anyway!

If there is anything I have learnt in my motherhood journey in the last (almost) seven years and having four little ones close in small ages is that when it comes to being together or doing things – less always feel like more.

Of course, having big adventures planned can be awesome, amazing in fact but having the thought that you ‘have’ to be going somewhere all the time just sends the wrong message and also ends up just being a bit much. We happen to have just as much fun doing the simple things too and that i’m going to hold onto. So with that in mind… I wanted to share some words that I hope sum up this summer coming towards us…after all, we can rewind time now can we?

Carefree, Simple, fun, genuine and joyful.
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