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This place has been a little quiet over the summer, I have been cherishing time with my tribe (and obviously being super busy), Its also given me a chance to switch off, and reflect on the direction I want to take my blog – more on that very soon but for now I wanted to share a little post about a brand I have been introduced to this year and even though I am still pretty keen on a couple of brands in the same field, this one caught my eye in particular as its a the same time I have been researching a lot into the products I use for my baby/children. I’ve been doing this for more reasons than one but more so because our Didi has had a year of severe topical eczema (with added staph infections) which has now thankfully 90% healed – with the up keep of the right management of steroid creams (last resort), natural remedies etc. Anyway…

Let me introduce Kit & Kin, created by Christopher Money, 15 years of experience in the mother & baby products industry, and with no introduction needed really, Mrs Emma Bunton.  (Did I mention I had the full Spice Girls tracksuit & bag for my 11th birthday?).

The things that stood out to me from this company was the personal experiences behind the brand, the fact Emma says her son suffered with eczema too and that she found herself trying to find better suited products for her family just like the journey i’ve found myself on.

The brand commitments include:

  • Only using natural, nourishing, ECO friendly ingredients, not to mention all being clinically & dermatologically tested to ensure they are well suited to all babies and children.
  • Another great factor is that their nappies including packaging will biodegrade in 3-6 years. This sounds amazing in comparison to other brands of nappies that take up to 500 years!
So as their website states their ethos is pretty clear – Kit & Kin, protecting your world, naturally.

Here are my thoughts on the package we were very kindly sent for the purpose of an honest review.

Eco nappies –  we received were in the size 4, that also come with delightful little designs on the bottom. They hold the wet very well and also feel soft enough against her skin. Sometimes you’ll find that some nappies can have a bit of a smell to them, or leave rubbing marks but these worked just fine for us. They’re also ECO friendly which is always a comfort in mind.

Biodegradable nappy bags – These lasted well, a nice Kit & Kit print on the bags and come in a compact box with a pop out section easy enough to fit into your bag. We had a few dotted about in the bedroom basket, car, my bag and downstairs for whenever we needed. Again, with the fact that they’re biodegradable, its that peace of mind that they will be wasting away much quicker than others sat in landfill for years & years.

For Baby – We were also sent the bath & body wash, bubble bath, body oil. All of which have been super sensitive for my tribe, especially my little Didi. I was so reluctant trying another product, but as this was aimed at sensitive and eczema prone skin I just hoped it didn’t hinder her and to be honest its been lovely. Frangrance free and simple but sweet packaging.

For Mum – and finally, for myself I was sent the stretch mark oil and breast balm. These both came in handy as sore nipples will always happen when breastfeeding! I’ve had four lots of experience of that! …and i’m still using the stretch mark oil as an all over nourishing moisturising serum. I’m not going to say its a miracle oil to rid of any blemishes but its definitely nice enough to let soak into your skin, I also really like the spray bottle application top, so much better than just a bottle!The kit was also given to me in this rather handy shopper bag, result!After bath time & before bedtime, aren’t these designs adorable? So as I mentioned before, I’m really skeptical about trying these kinds of products, especially as Didi has had such big problems with skin sensitivity. These nappies are really great though. especially at such a complex time for her!I think these are wonderful products on the market, especially for little ones with sensitive skin. I learned quickly that I was trusting these products to use on my children but more in particularly my littlest one who’s skin is very much in a phase of healing. I’ve enjoyed testing this brand out and am happy to say high praises about them. You can find them online at



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