Let’s go for a walk.

So there’s many reasons my little space on the internet has been quiet this year, but I’ll go into that another day. For now though I wanted to share our Sunday with you….

The busy periods begin at this time of year right?

Especially with school invitations, family parties, after school activities back in full swing with the school term etc. Last weekend was so busy for us, four events in three days – we had fun but this weekend was all about chilling out, well as much as possible when you have four kids! So the week took a turn for the worst on Thursday when Halle got knocked over accidentally on the playground and ended up in A&E resulting in a ‘buckle fracture’ to her wrist. She was so brave though, really coped well but we knew it was more than a little bump. Definitely tough as old boots our little Hal. Saturday was a slow one, and yesterday we decided to get out for some fresh air, and have some family time together.

We headed to a local country park about ten minutes drive away from our house, somewhere we love to come for some exploring. The kids had their wellies, coats, and waterproofs for the big two (need to get smaller sizes for the little two!) and off we went. We let the kids take the lead, following their directions, they found it so cool that they had the say so to find the way to the natural sand/mud pit. Didi was loving it so much, walking proud in her mini wellies, the last time we came, she was wrapped up warm in the carrier, so this time we abandoned any of that so we could just walk, stomp and explore.

After the long walk, a short stop to get a family photo, more walking over mini streams, under branches and over logs, we finally made it to the sand area. Now our kids don’t do much by halves, so as some others were a bit more cautious in the mud on one side, ours completely let lose, sheer joy on their faces while stomping like crazy. It got to the point of no return with the amount of wet and mud which they were really loving, even Élodie! Her first proper experience of jumping in muddy puddles (just like one of her favourite little toys, peppa!) in those cute little wellies. She went face first twice, but that just added to the giggles!

Yves, Halle & Phoenix were in their element, Halle was still having so much fun despite the wrist injury, Yves was completely bonkers with her high jumping, and Phoenix was finding lots of sticks, jumping in ninja style and laughing at how Didi had a muddy face!

As we didn’t have waterproofs for the younger two, we decided to take the walk back to the car, the girls were dry enough under the waterproofs but the little two had to be stripped from the waist down and got wrapped in daddy’s coat and on the shoulders for Phoenix!

We had a couple of moments of “my legs are tired” but once we got back to the car, offloaded all the mud soaked clothing and water filled wellies- they were all saying what a lovely time they had.

We ended up spending an hour or so there, then get ready to head back home for the rest of the afternoon, prep for the school week ahead, and just take it easy.

This type of family time is one of our favourites, an idea with no strict plans to stick to, its free, its simple and it’s getting us outside together creating memories.

That evening they were so wiped out but were still talking about how great it was, is included. Despite skipping her nap, walking a hell of a way, Little Didi stayed awake. That was until she crashed out sitting up at 4:15pm. Danger nap! We let her have 20-30mins before our roast dinner then woke her up gently, all tucked into our food then thankfully bedtime was straight forward!

Simple days together are the best kind.

What simple things do you like to do together as a family? 

Mama & her tribe 🌿 We know we all have hard moments, days, even weeks in this parenting journey. But goodness me don’t our children teach us so much about life? And ourselves? They really are my pride and joy and they make me find the good in any situation. If only the way we think in childhood stayed with us a little longer whilst growing up.



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Let’s go for a walk.

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