Simple wreath for the festive season.

Christmas is almost here, we’ve said hello and goodbye to the biggest amount of snow i’ve seen since January 2013, and the warm drinks under cosy blankets are plentiful round our house. Something I have really been enjoying more so this year is to add plants & nature to our home. Obviously they are lovely to look at and give a pop of colour into a room but also for the added benefits like purifying the air for example. For me though creating something from scratch is just so fulfilling, and to carry this on throughout the seasons and this month for the festive period is something I love to do!

I bought an artificial Christmas wreath years ago, and its been battered and falling apart so I’m so glad to have got rid and created a new tradition of creating my own. This year has been extra lovely with making one though as my two eldest daughters (7 & 5) asked to join in and create their own too. I love to show them that its the thought process that matters most when creating something, or gift giving. I loved watching as they were choosing what they wanted to use and look proud at their efforts, as was I.

I went to my local florist, and picks up these in preparation:

x1 bunch of long stem eucalyptus.
x1 bunch of cotoneaster.
x1 bunch of viburnum tinus.
x1 branch of pine.
x1 roll of wire.
x1 copper wreath hoop
and I also added a few slices of baked oranges.

Other tools needed: secateurs and some twine to hang where you wish. Ours is currently in the porch near the front door and the girls have combined their mini wreaths on a little hook in the hallway. There’s something so therapeutic about floristry that I love, and am definitely incorporating it more so in my everyday life with having more plants and flowers in the home. So this Christmas was a no brainer for making my own and it was also a lovely activity to do with my big girls. Showing them the art of making using your own hands, skills and imagination. And that Christmas isn’t about all the materialistic things, I mean gifts are lovely, but for us one of the most important parts of Christmas is time together. And this was just that – with the added bonus of lovely handmade wreaths.

So we’re now on the second week of poorly little ones, each taking turn to fall, so I may not get time to post anything else for 2017, so I will say a Merry Christmas, filled with joy, family time and peace. And here’s to a very happy new year and positivity for 2018. X

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Simple wreath for the festive season.

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