Funny things they say

17.04.14 – “mummy, I love you lots and lots like jelly tops” -Yves
April 2014 – Whilst watching The Wizard Of OZ – “Oh Mummy, I’ve never seen a lion cry before in my LIFE!”- Yves
25.04.2014 – “Don’t want it my clothes, right now!” – Halle
28.04.14 – sitting quite contentedly in Phoenix’ seat ( her boat apparently) watching Frozen picking your nose! – Halle
28.04.14 – whilst stomping her feet “daddy is taking foreverrrr! – Halle
23.05.14 – Taking Halle to playgroup, we pull up outside and she says “Mumma, I not pull hair, or no pinch today” – thats my girl! 🙂
23.05.14 “what do we do with Daddy girls?” – “we ouuush him!”
25.06.14 – Yves “I want to fly up to space in a rocket when i’m big”
26.06.14 “the girls are talking through a huge seashell saying “can you hear? its Nanny Pat at the seaside!”

Natural Aromatherapy Playdough

Simple wreath for the festive season.

Let’s go for a walk.

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