When it comes to activities at home with my children, its always the simple, fuss-free and inexpensive types that always come up top trumps, whether thats garden activities, being indoors getting messy with crafts, using up old materials or finding ones around the house, baking simple things, or sometimes challenging our (my) baking skills, but usually you’ll find them colouring in, writing stories, and asking for the homemade playdough. Especially now I have two at school, and two at home when it’s Phoenix’s days off nursery, its something so easy

Christmas is almost here, we’ve said hello and goodbye to the biggest amount of snow i’ve seen since January 2013, and the warm drinks under cosy blankets are plentiful round our house. Something I have really been enjoying more so this year is to add plants & nature to our home. Obviously they are lovely to look at and give a pop of colour into a room but also for the added benefits like purifying the air for example. For me though creating something from scratch is just so fulfilling,

So there’s many reasons my little space on the internet has been quiet this year, but I’ll go into that another day. For now though I wanted to share our Sunday with you…. The busy periods begin at this time of year right? Especially with school invitations, family parties, after school activities back in full swing with the school term etc. Last weekend was so busy for us, four events in three days – we had fun but this weekend was all about chilling out, well as much as possible

This place has been a little quiet over the summer, I have been cherishing time with my tribe (and obviously being super busy), Its also given me a chance to switch off, and reflect on the direction I want to take my blog – more on that very soon but for now I wanted to share a little post about a brand I have been introduced to this year and even though I am still pretty keen on a couple of brands in the same field, this one caught my

And so, at 1:30pm today our Summer holidays of 2017 begin. Sports day complete, book bags filled with all their class work (plus lots pf paper cuttings), uniforms looking worn out, the last few mornings of rushing out the door having forgotten something 90% of the time done – with hairstyles being anything that takes 15.5seconds to do. It’s time for waving goodbye to foundation class for Halle and Year one for Yvie-Mae. Such a bittersweet part of the year, they’ve all been a bit out of sorts at times,

We are now one week away from breaking up for the summer holidays and I think it’s come around just in time. The past month I’ve seen the relationships between our four develop so much, anything from being extra snugly, bickering over absolutely anything, caring for one another, telling on each other and just a complete variety that comes with having four little children, especially so close in age. The bigger girls have been up & down, being the best of friends one minute, and the next having a row

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction of my little blog, and something I want to document more is about me and my interests. I find its also a nice way to remember some positives in those moments when things feel a bit stressful and a little less positive. So this is just a little post about some of my favourite things lately. Fresh: Anyone else love hanging out fresh & clean washing? I find it so calming and especially on the days that you know it’s going

Half way through the year already, this year so far seems to have been one of the fastest. Yet it also feels like there has been so much change in such a short amount of time, especially when I look at our little ones. When I’ve looked at the four of them recently, that’s what I see – four little ones. No longer is it ‘the older three & a baby’, They are more whole than ever now that Didi is toddling around wanting to be involved in everything. Its

I am always thinking and talking about my passion for photography, that teamed with videography and journaling. I’ve written a post before about my love for photography but along with that, something I absolutely adore is holding the actual print or photo book in my hands, something real that I can cherish forever. The stage i’m at now is culling, decluttering the duplicates and trying to get some kind of organisation flow going to clear the back log of my digital albums that go all the way back to probably

May has been a nice month all in all. At the beginning we celebrated my 28th birthday, and yesterday we celebrated our little Halle turning five. All the things in between have been a mixture of happiness, worries at times, getting back to school life rhythms and rollercoasters after having three weeks off instead of two as we took the girls out of school the week after Easter holidays for our holiday to North Devon (only four days though and family holidays are the best form of education right?!). Our little Didi

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