I’m just experiencing a moment of calm in my back garden as my two little girls play in the sandpit. Five minutes ago my 2 1/2 year old just had a complete meltdown and started throwing food everywhere, then got all angry when I took the food away. It all seems a bit hectic someways. Mostly the days (like today) when I decide to have a day indoors, play with the girls, catch up on housework and hope that it’ll all be peaceful! Also another factor is that I am

Fresh air, sunshine and fresh produce. This day was a good day, despite Yve’s saying how tired her legs were from walking up & down the vines. Had a little sob, then she was fine, we snacked on the strawberries while going round, try before you buy right? Halle especially. with her new found talent of walking, there was not stopping her! We went with our friends, the girls have known each other since birth so it was a lovely day to spend time together. Theres something so therapeutic about

We had a lovely afternoon in the back garden the other day, the sun was shining, the skies were blue, both girls were in the mood for some exploring (as always!) So we got some rice sensory tubs, water & bubbles and they had a blast! This time last year little H wasn’t even born, so its breathtaking to watch them learn & grow together. H is at that stage where everything she picks up she believes is edible! So we had a few pebbles in the mouth but she

Beautiful sunshine this morning! I’m in the process of making a couple of newborn pixies hats, whilst entertaining my two sweethearts. We’re off to the park this afternoon, and I’ll hopefully get some shots on the big camera ( iPhone is handy but lurve my big cam!) I’ve been blog reading this week too and the ones that I think are soooo good are: – The Imagination Tree – things to do with your children, activities, crafts etc. – lulastic and the hippy shake – gentle parenting & thrift ideas.

I have three posts coming this week from my breastfeeding course (days 4,5,6.) So keep a look out! Its been manic this weekend entertaining the girls. We took a trip to a local farm with Grampy Butch (in the freezing cold!) I love the cold, but little pebbles’s hands were chilly & she had a pink nose bless her. Both girls enjoyed themselves though, having a browse at the noisy books, and I enjoyed ‘ooohing’ over the beautiful potential props! I have been doing my best at fitting time into

Breastfeeding in practise, positioning & attachment, Expressing & storing milk. Today we went through these elements of the course. We also worked in pairs to show our knowledge of offering help to women by talking them through positioning instead of using a ‘Hands-on’ approach. I remember when I fed my daughter for the very first time, and I was still overwhelmed by the labour that I kind of just popped her on. (It was also encouraged to help my uterus contract faster.) I soon began to realise that it wasn’t

A really sad thing happened this week. Our family dog Albie had to be put down & laid to rest due to rapid ill-health over the last few days. He reached an amazing 16.5 years of age and he was the most loyal companion any family could ask for. I am so heartbroken that I will never get to stroke his little felt ears, or stroke his little face ever again. I’m so proud of him that he lived to see my two girls. My eldest (2) loved him so

Safeguarding Children ‘Gaining knowledge on our roles & responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children and young people’- OSCB I found todays session very interesting & also upsetting to hear the statistics on abuse towards children. It saddens me to hear such vile things are happening everyday to such innocent young souls. We discussed our views on this topic, and respectively listened to our mentor when talking us through this valuable information. We spoke about indications of abuse, and the definitions of abuse, and when to act. we spoke about the

This post today is to celebrate the life of my Nan. I am so proud to be her grand-daughter, she has been one of the most influential people I have had in my life, she’s been like a mother to me. I remember almost every holiday my brother & I went on with my Dad – Nan was there. Anytime Dad needed a well deserved break or night out – Nan was there (with her cheese & brown sauce sandwiches or home-made jam tarts, or butterfly cakes!)  I think my

So this afternoon was course number 1/6. I had Halle accompanying me (she was a little angel as usual). I thought I was going to be the only one there with baby in tow, but nearly everyone had their bambino’s with them, which was lovely. We did small introductions about ourselves, which as I was waiting I felt a bit nervous about as public speaking is a bit of a weak spot, but I did well! I school I always hated public speaking as I use to go scarlet red

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