I’m so pleased to have finally been given a date to start a breastfeeding peer support/counselling course at my local Baby Cafe (The one where I used to go to a lot when feeding Y-M) I’m really looking forward to being able to learn more, and offer support to those who have difficulties feeding and knowing options. I cannot stress enough that its each to their own and personal choice. I just personally love breastfeeding, and would love to promote the facts and the truth behind it all. (it’s not

I love days like these, when you’re getting things sorted, battling the washing pile, baking some shortbread, all whilst enjoying time with my adorable (but cheeky) daughters. Had a little stressful moment this morning with Y-M… She refused to wear her gloves and coat in the garden which led to her not going outside as she just got over being unwell! We’ll try again later! And little H woke from her nap all chirpy and ready to play! Wednesday-Friday are our playgroups days, so Monday & Tuesdays I aim to

Having a lovely Christmas break with my adorable family. Seeing how happy & complete my girls are is the most beautiful thing to witness. I am looking forward to starting a fresh new year, it will be refreshing to start new things and live with a wider perspective on life itself. I do not want to waste time worrying about things, especially the mundane things including how my washing pile sometimes looks like Mount Everest or the fact that I sometimes resemble a panda with my dark circles from comforting

My personal journey with breastfeeding has been some what a rollercoaster, but its something I feel very strongly about, something I absolutely adore & love. When I was expecting my first little baby, I never knew much about it, it wasnt something I was spoken to about really until my cousin and sister-in-law mentioned it to me. So fast-forward to the evening I gave birth – and tried to feed our precious little baby for the very first time – doing something that I almost felt alien to. Once I

A wonderful little trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park   We had a wonderful time, spent with Uncle Damian & Auntie Leah, lots of giggles, looks of amazement and cheekiness. Halle enjoyed having a nose, or a sleep in the pushchair! Yve’s was in her element, running around – ‘free as a bird’, checking out everything that she set her eyes on. She even made a new friend who kept following her around the play area! She couldn’t work it out at first but then she saw it as a game!

Over-tired toddler = Long day with the grumpster! Or so I thought….. She’s given in to a nap! phew! She sometimes gets so caught up in everything & over-stimulated I think that she doesn’t know what to do with herself! I’m not very well either so i’ve been just as grumpy! 🙁 ……..so both babies are asleep & im having a well deserved hot chocolate!! (HOT being the main word there!)

To my darling girls, You are the sunshine You are the beat of my heart You are the warmth of my soul You are my universe You are my LIFE X

Well, The title says it all! (currently resembling a zombie) BUT……..after a moody hour or so this morning, We’ve had a lovely day after-all. Which included messy play with glue, ripping up old magazines and sticking them to an old cardboard box, water play in the garden and building fish & bunny shapes in the sandpit. minimal tantrums & also no nap for little YM! The weather has been perfect to get my washing done too! so that was a bonus as I had a mountain of it back-logged in

Hi there! I just thought i’d write a little blog about my everyday life, experiences as a mother of two and my dreams of becoming a PRO photographer. My other blog is ‘One Happiness Photography’, So please feel free to check it out! or see my Facebook page! So, Short but sweet post. I absolutely adore motherhood, and I truly believe its made me wake up & look at life with a different view. to not take it for granted, to encapsulate everything and make the best of everything &

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